Last day of preparations!

I had warned Azzan the night before that I would be up early and doing stuff upstairs and he was not to get upset if he woke and found me not there.
He was all cool with that.
With help from Nuana I backed the Terrano down the hill and to the front door.
We unloaded everything.
I stacked all the boxes of lemonade on the seats in the front porch area under the dart board.
Then I got all the makings for the 50 litres of fruit punch and proceeded to begin making it up.
I had brought two 20 litre buckets to transport it in – you add the lemonade and ginger ale before serving so they were the perfect size.
I had to call up the hire company to adjust the order.
Azzan by this time was up and dressed and outside.
Just as my phone call went through I heard a desperate call,
‘Mum! Help! Come quick! Come quick!
With the phone to my ear, talking to the guy at the other end, I ran out to see what the urgency was.
Azzan had been playing darts.
His dart had missed the mark but quite a long way and had gone clean through one of the boxes and a bottle and there was lemonade squirting everywhere.
It actually looked really funny.
Nothing I could do right then so I finished my conversation.
Then we quickly cut open the box and found the damaged culprit and saved what we could of it.
Tipped it into a half bottle of orange juice and the children enjoyed their own ‘fruit punch’ throughout the day.
Azzan was so apologetic and upset with himself.
But as I pointed out to him – he was a great shot – he just needs more practise to actually hit the right bullseye

Tim and the girls arrived soon after so Tim spent the next wee while squeezing lemon juice for the punch.
Then I sorted out which drinks were going where and loaded them all back into the Terrano and headed into town.
Tim took the kids and did the days ‘school’ run for me.

My first stop was at Melrose House to drop off the punch and other drinks for the evening wedding celebrations.
I had to call up Tim to come help unload as they all needed to be carried up stairs and across the back of the house.
My knee is being very painful at the moment and going up and down steps is the worst thing.
We got that mission accomplished.
Tim took the kids to music and then I went to Nelson Beauty Therapy where I was spending the next couple of hours.

There were a few stresses throughout the day but they all got sorted.
Bedelia and her wonderful ladies spoilt me completely and I felt great when I emerged around 2pm.
Tim dropped Mahalia off to me and I took her to the dentist.
She was a bit worried cuz she had to have a baby tooth extracted.
But it went very smoothly and came out much easier than even James anticipated.
Te worst thing was the nub mouth but that wore off quickly.
We were both starving so went and got ourselves a hot potato.
I dropped her off at Sophie’s for a couple of hours so that made her feel loads better.
I met up with Tim to get some frozen stuff and then went out to Richmond to do some deliveries.
First stop was dropping off all the drinks and supplies for the beach.
Caz is organising all of that so we went through the list carefully to make sure we had everything.
Then I zipped up to Sasha’s.
Dropped off some frozen stuff and said g’day to Cat.
She had come out with Anson & Gavin.
They were taking a load of timber to Motueka.
Next stop Michelle & Dave’s.
Then back to Tyler’s.
Tim and kids were still chatting at Winnington’s so gave them a hurry up.

Once they arrived back we unloaded and left the girls.
Tinga was very pleased to see Shanni – he had been home alone all day and wasn’t too happy about that!

Tim & Azzan had a 6pm appointment with Sandy for heaircuts.
While Sandy washed Tim’s hair Azzan was exploring.
He found a swatch of hair colour samples.
Very bright samples!
He asked me if he could have some colours put in his hair like I had.
I said that he had to ask Sandy.
So he did.
She asked me if it was okay
I told her was between her and Azzan
So he chose a bright blue.
He was so excited.
She applied a few foils and let him sit while she cut Tim’s hair.

Azzan suggested that Daddy should have some too.
He didn’t think that was really necessary

The anticipation.

Washing it out.

Looking good.

But it didn’t take and all the blue washed right out of his hair.

So on with the cut.

‘Can you try again?
Please Sandy.
I will choose a different colour.’

This time it was Blackberry Nip and it did stay in.

He was so incredibly excited.

Purple strips in his cool haircut.
One very happy young man.

We said farewell to our friend Sandy and headed back to the house.
Stopped off at the  supermarket to get some dinner food.
Made nachos and salad and tucked in.
We were all hungry.

Then it was very quickly time for me to buzz down to the airport to pick up Sunni & at.
The day had turned really cold and extremely windy.
I got there on time only to find the flight was delayed about 20mins.
So I sat in the car and kept warm and relaxed quietly.
Nice after a busy and slightly stressful day.

The plane arrived at 9:05pm.
So we quickly loaded into the Terrano and headed out to Richmond.
I left them in the tender care of Dave & Michelle where they are staying.
By the time I got back it was 10:30pm and the house was all dark and everyone was in bed.
I quickly ironed Azzan’s clothes and my dress and then hopped into bed.

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