Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – Family Photos

The photographer got busy taking all the family photos.
I stood alongside her and shot a few of my own.
It is a bit of a family tradition to have the 10 siblings line up from eldest to youngest.

Azzan, Mahalia, Shoshannah, Nathan, Sebastian, Brianna, Anson, Catriona, Sunniva, Jesika

All 12 of us.

And now with our new daughter-in-law

The Wenborn family.
Dave & Nicky have 11 children and 8 grandchildren (so far), so a much bigger group than us at present!!

2 thoughts on “Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – Family Photos

  1. I have finally sat down to visit here and wow what a surprise the wedding was very beautiful. They are a beautiful couple and already can see the love that will last a life time with His help.   You did a great job with the pics.  The scones were very good too!  Thank you for the recipe.Blessings,  Christie

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