Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – the afternoon

We were rather hungry and thirsty so decided to head back towards Richmond and find somewhere to relax and quench our appetites.
We found Alchemy Cafe at McMillans Ceramics was open.
They must have wondered what on earth was happening when we all descended en masse, unannounced for lunch!
But they coped admirably and we enjoyed ourselves and the food.

Paul & Lizzie – aka Elizabeth Wenborn Design

Abby, Azzan & Bri – looking rather sun kissed.

We spread ourselves out as we had the cafe pretty much to ourselves.

Sasha and our two English guests – Angela and Gavin.
My younger kids thought that cuz they were both from the UK they should get along well!!!

Who brought them along??

The older kids wanted to head back to The Abbey as it was now open.
It is a very imaginative funky place.
Great place to hang out on a hot day.

It was soon close to 5pm so we all piled into our respective vehicles and headed off to the venue for the evening function.

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