Seb & Phoebe’s Wedding – The Ceremony

At around 11:30am the bridal party began walking down the track.

Ruth led the way with the two wee page boys.
Then the two bridesmaids.
Christine (Phoebe’s BFF) and Damaris (Phoebe’s sister) looked lovely in their fresh light green dresses.
(Beautifully made by Elizabeth)

Dave & Phoebe looked very relaxed as they walked down towards us.
In fact, Dave was more dancing than walking – as he does

As they got to the soft sand it was off with the shoes!

And down the aisle to meet her groom.

The ceremony was simple and moving.

They spoke their vows to each other quietly and privately without the microphone.
Even though we couldn’t hear what they said we were moved to tears as you could feel the emotion

The wee ring bearers took a little bit of persuasion.
They were Ruth’s two youngest lads Seth & Noah – Phoebe’s cute wee nephews.

I now pronounce you…..

husband & wife

Signing the register

Introducing – Mr & Mrs Sebastian Shand

The absolutely gorgeous dress created by Phoebe’s sister Elizabeth Wenborn Design.
I totally LOVE her designs and could almost wish to get married all over again just to wear one of her dresses 

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