Shearing – day 2 – & fun in the biscuit!!

Friday 23rd December

My b-i-l Paul and 2 of his neighbours popped in for a cuppa before breakfast.
They had slept on their boat and were about to head out for a days fishing.

Shanni took a wee break so she could sleep in a bit and do some gardening etc.
Nathan covered for her.

I made beef and relish sandwiches and carrot, pineapple & walnut muffins for morning smoko.
They must have been good cuz none came back!
Anson was shearing all morning so they finished easily at midday.

After lunch Anson did some mustering.
Then he took the troops biscuiting.
Azzan was very proud that he was the only one Anson didn’t manage to tip out.
But, just between you and me, I htink Anson might have been kind to his little bro.
He was far more agressive with Gavin & Shanni

The following photos are off Shanni’s camera.




Anson, Gavin, Christian & Nuana went out fishing later in the afternoon.
I think he has drained the petrol tank now!!
They came back with a tasty amount of grouper for dinner.

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