Summertime, And the livin’ is easy…..

Saturday 24th December

Summer seems to have finally arrived.
We have had so much rain lately that it seems almost like summer has happened over night!

Tim took the crew out fishing for the morning.
It was lovely and peaceful back here at home base for a few hours.
They came back with a nice haul of fish.
It is great the cod ban has been lifted,
We can enjoy fresh blue cod again.

Shanni has more wee chicks hatching.
She has a make shift incubator in the house for them.
They are so cute and very funny.

This wee one kept on going to sleep in Tim’s hands.
So funny.

Mother Hen loves her wee chicks.
They are all named too.

The kids went swimming Christian.
The water is apparently around 17.5-18’C.
Quite warm for the beginning of summer.

Bri, Nick, Abby & Annalise arrived just on dinner time.
They left Christchurch quite early but dallied along the way. so arrived later than anticipated.
The younger siblings are very excited to have Bri home

Tim, Anson, and the guys all decided to head up the hill around 6pm and do the stock work that they hadn’t done in the morning due to the fishing trip.
So we didn’t wait dinner and ate at 7pm.
I was well and truly in bed when they arrived back at 9pm and had their late dinners.

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