Swimming in the rain & scones :-)

I made a  large beef/mutton stews this morning.
It was so big I had to split it between the slow cooker and an oven dish on the wood fire.

Not too sure how this big fella got inside but we found him on the window sill.
Azzan released him back into the wild.

Went out to deal to the washing and found this very cute photo.
Mo is pleased to have Jynx back home again.
They find some interesting places to snuggle up!

It has rained steadily all day.
That did not deter the young folk from swimming.
They swam out to the boat.

Then after a while they jumped

and dove

and swam

Nick framed by pohutukawa flowers

back to the shore

and very quickly up the steps to the spa to warm up!!

The rain has been very heavy up in the hills.
It caused the rivers to flood and shut the road at Rai Valley.
The guests coming in to the Cottage tonight have had to postpone their trip until tomorrow.
Seb & Phoebe have also put off coming in till tomorrow.
Anson has managed to get home tonight as the road has opened and he is in a 4WD truck.
I spoke to the road contractors office lady this arvo and was amused when she told me that there was a lot of surface flooding and slips and the road was one-way in parts.
Our road is one way in parts most of the time – what’s new?

I have been battling a really bad headache all day.
It seems to be stemming from a tight muscle knot in my back.
I can pinpoint the pain areas to my inner shoulder and hip.
Just wish I could get a really good massage to relieve the pain.
Mahalia tried but is not strong enough to do what is needed.
Resorted to pain killers this afternoon.
Went to bed feeling disgusting.
Kept on getting woken up by phone calls etc.
Then dozed off in the lounge chair before dinner.

Mailboat came in but not much mail today.
Kids watched a movie then Shanni went for a walk and the others went up to rest or play on Bri’s play station.

Finally got up around 4pm and was quite hungry so Mahalia and I made date scones.
The mixed dough

in the oven cooking

hot and steaming straight from the oven

Mahalia getting the butter and honey ready for a feast


This gorgeous gladioli is blooming up on the bank by the aviary.

Annaliese made wedges to have with the stew.
Dinner was very tasty, warming and nutritious – perfect for such a yucky night..
Southerly has come through so the rain has eased somewhat.
The waves are pounding in on the beach so I will have the sound of them to lull me off to sleep tonight.


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