Crazy weather!!

Sunday began as another lovely day.
Anson, Marah, Gavin & Johannes went out fishing at 8am.
They had all had quite a late night so were looking rather like stunned mullets.

Mahalia & Sophie have discovered there is a game on the computer that they can play together so they have been having a heap of fun with it.

I worked on my blog and photos all morning.
Finished and had breakfast at 11:30am.
Then we all got together for fellowship.
The weather turned yucky early arvo and the washing had to be whipped off the line quickly.
It rained for a while.

Shoshannah had asked Tim if she could be baptised so the meeting followed the theme of baptism.
It was really interesting and created quite some discussion.

So mid arvo when we had finished fellowship we all wandered down to the beach.
The rain had stopped thankfully.
It was a bit bleak but Shanni pronounced the water warm so in went Tim, Graham & Shoshannah.

Ready to go under…..

And up she comes again with a huge smile

I love this photo of her.
All clean!

We all came back up to get warm and have lunch.
Marah & I checked out photos on the computer for a while.
The children then went back for a swim.
The next I saw of them they were all in the spa pool with Gavin.
He was the only one of the older crew who would consent to go swimming.
It was very crowded – I bet the water level has dropped considerably!

Marah & I tried to watch a dvd but the stupid dvd player will not play speech so we gave up
Anson put the boat up on the trailer as there is a southerly coming.
Marah walked back to The Croft to watch a movie on a dvd that will work.
I think I need to go shopping while I am away next week!!

Shoshannah & Katherine cooked dinner.
Tim had a sleep, he actually had two sleeps!

Now the weather has closed in and it is nasty, wet and cold.
There is thunder pounding the hills.
A good night to head to bed early I think.

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