A very Mahalia day :-)

Saturday 28th January

We had a lovely day today.
It was very Mahalia.
Lots of girlie stuff and heaps of horses.

We started off by heading into the central city at 9am.
Parked at the bottom of Cashel St and went to see the new Re:START area.
It was really great.
We walked straight to Ballantynes as we only had an hour to spend my last years birthday voucher.
We surfed around the shop checking out all the interesting departments but nothing caught my eye in the fashion area that was within my budget.
So we stopped in at the nail counter.
I decided it was time to get girlie and buy myself some nail polishes.
But the choice of colours and brands near blew my wee brain!
Finally a lovely lady come to help and she and Mahalia had fun helping me choose some cool colours.
I have a feeling Mahalia is pretty keen on helping me use them
When we paid for them with my voucher plus a weeny bit more she gave me some extra pressies which was a really lovely bonus.
This is part of the Re:START area.
Funky eh?
Mahalia couldn’t believe it when I told her that they had used shipping containers to build it.

Then we headed to Sydneham to browse the Christian Super Store.
It is a fatal place for me to visit!
I came out with an armful of sale books
We met up with Janet & David at a cafe/bar at the carpark entrance of The Colombo.
I was most impressed as last time I had been to this area it was a scuddy mall built around Spotlight with nothing whatsoever going for it.
But since the earthquakes it has been rebuilt and is very up market and contains some great fashion shops.
Including, to my delight, Annah Stretton!
We enjoyed a lovely morning tea and chat and then went browsing.
Mahalia had fun in Postie choosing nail polishes.
It was soon time to say goodbye.
We just had time to zip over to Riccarton and grab a frappacino from Starbucks and then get back to the Arena for the show.
We spent a wonderful couple of hours at El Caballo Blanco.
Mahalia was totally delighted with it.
The horses were gorgeous.
Here’s a few pics of the show.

This horse is doing the flamenco with the dancer – really cool!!

After the show we decided to go to the movies.
So we cruised back to the Riccarton Mall to find out what time it was on.
Not till 6:15pm – over an hour to wait.
So we bought the tickets and then went for a cruise of the mall.
Found Diva and got buried checking out all sorts of el cheapo bling!
It was very quickly time to head to the theatre.
Got there and checked in and discovered that you really should double check tickets when buying.
The stupid girl at the counter had sold us tickets for a completely different movie.
We had booked to see ‘War Horse’ at 6:15pm.
She had booked us into ‘When a City Falls’ at 6:40pm.’
I had never heard of it and was not the slightest bit interested in it.
(Oops! Just realised it is the movie made about Christchurch and I should be interested to see it sometime.)
The guy on the door was great.
He went running off to change them for us so we got the seats at centre back.

War Horse‘ was excellent.
We had already listened to the story on audio book so were familiar with it.
But viewing the war scenes was much more graphic and disturbing.
Mahalia cried all the way through them.
She said later that she could handle all the dead people but the dying horses broke her heart!!
But she really enjoyed the movie and so did I.
It was really well produced.

We got some food to eat on the way home as it was 9pm.
When we got back to Les & Christine’s Mahalia showed Christine all her purchases and filled her in on our day.
Then she painted Christine’s toe nails for her before heading off to bed.

It was a lovely day and now I am rather tired so will hit the pillow.

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