A sociable Sunday :-)

We were taking things rather leisurely this morning and then all of a sudden at 8:30am we realised that we had to be out the door at 8:50am.
Les & Christine were off to Mass and needed to be able to lock up the house properly.
The earthquakes have left the house in a difficult state to secure and Les prefers to do it himself.
So Mahalia & I whizzed into our clothes, grabbed our stuff and were on the road soon after 8:45am.
Nothing like a fast and early start to a Sunday
We decided to head over to Riccarton and have breakfast at Drexels.
When we arrived they told us that they didn’t have any tables free until mid afternoon but if we would like to sit at the counter we could eat immediately.
So we did!We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then went to suss out Briscoes sale.
We spent an hour there and came out with a trolley full of stuff.
Then it was back to Diva to return the ring Mahalia had bought the previous night.
It had broken already.
She decided to get a different one and ended up with a card of three rings so she was very happy.
We whizzed out to Hornby to pick up something from Briscoes that they had put on hold for us only to discover they had been told the wrong thing by the guy at Riccarton and the one I wanted was not there either – duh!
So this time the assistant called up Northlands and found exactly what I was wanting and got it put on hold.

Then we drove back across town again and spent the next few hours with Nick & Bri.
They liked the photo frame I bought them for their first anniversary
Where did that year just go to??

Mahalia played on Bri’s play station.
We socialised.
It was relaxing and nice just to chill with them for a while.

So enough it was time to move on again.
We drove to Northlands and this time got the right thing from Briscos.
Found Louisa & Roger at home.
We had a wander through the house and saw all the earthquake improvements and subsequent cracks from the last big quake!

I left Mahalia there to sleep over with Madeline.
They were two busy girls happily painting nails with the new metallic colours when I left.

I met up with Vonni & Alvin at the Hoofbeats Restaurant at the Racecourse.
We spent a lovely couple of hours chatting over dinner.
My dinner was the size of a truck drivers and I struggled to get through all the meet.
Had to give in at the end and not eat the last quarter of the schnitzel.

I headed home at 8pm.
Stopped in at Starbucks to get a drink and then back to the house to settle in for the night.

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