Food + friends = FUN :-)

I was out the door just before 9am.
I cruised off to 48 on Fitz Cafe to meet Corrinne for breakfast.
I was heaps early but as I didn’t really feel like shopping I just sat in the car and rested.
Painted my nails, listened to the radio and had a doze.
All this socialising is making me rather weary
Corrinne arrived around 10am after her physio appointment.
We had a very relaxing 1.5hour brunch.
Great food and wonderful company.
At midday we roused ourselves and went off to the museum to see the WoW Off the Wall exhibition.
I had planned to take Mahalia but she was staying a 2nd night with Madeline.

It was really great to see the garments up close.
There was only a small number, 30 to be precise, on display compared with the enormity of the full collection but it was enough to take in at once.
The work and detail was amazing and we oohed and aahed and checked them all out carefully making sure we didn’t drool on the garments!!

This leatherwork was amazing.

This is made from synthetic wool sacks – absolutely gorgeous!

This piece was made from 10 old leather suitcases.

They made excellent use of mirrors to you could see the fronts and backs at the same time.

This praying mantis was amazing.

The intricate work, stitching and papier-mâché  was beautiful

We spent a good half an hour checking out all the Wearable Art and then wandered down Worcester St.
It was sad to see the Arts Centre all fenced off but we found Dyslexic Discovery.
The artwork featured in the front garden was intriguing.
There were talking seats.
When you sit down they start telling you all about dyslexia.

I loved this bronze sculpture “Inner Struggle”- a steel plasma cut ribbon of words that float through the air from the book the girl is reading.

On returning to our cars we saw these words inscribed over the entrance to the museum.
Lo these are parts of His ways but how little a portion is heard of Him.

Me and my bestest cousin 

Unfortunately at 1:30pm our parking times had expired and we had to say goodbye.
I went for a wee tiki tour to Riccarton Mall and paid a quick visit to Gloria Jeans.
I have discovered they make very delicious Creme Brulee Frappes.
Then I zipped back to meet up with Robyn at the Antigua Boat Shed Café.
It was lovely to see her again.
The added bonus was that David was able to pop in and have a coffee with us too.

Then it was 3:30pm and I made contact with Kathryn who had just finished her first day at clinical.
 We met up at Coffee Culture in Riccarton Mall and hung out there – talked and ate some more until 6pm!

I then made my way west to meet up with Emma at Coffee Culture at Bush Inn Centre.
We spent the next couple of hours chatting over more drinks and food.
At 8:30pm we made a mad dash to catch The Warehouse before it closed cuz I wanted to get the latest Leonard Cohen cd,
Old Ideas,
just released today!!
I got it – so guess what Mahalia is going to have to endure during our trip back home

Then it was more farewells and I was off back to Les & Christine’s.
A final drink and chat and off to bed.
What a day.
I am rolling in frappes, juices and food  plus I have had a great socialising time – what a great day it was

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