Saturday 25th February – part 3

We were all rather amused at the callisthenics class on the wharf.

Three of the guys were doing their gym work out while they others earned their muscles working on the boat and in the garden winky

Anson took Azzan biscuiting and then all most of the Israeli guys had a go too.

They LOVED it and I could hear them asking for him to go faster every time he flipped them off!

Shanni & Alice went down for a swim.

The ray cruised by and gave Alice a wee buzz.

But the water was too cold for her so she only went up to her knees while Shanni went out for a deeper swim.

Azzan had one last turn before the boat got put away again.

Then Azzan went off kayaking with a couple of the guys.

He loves to have willing companions so makes the most of it!

The guys all came up for dessert again.

It was their last night so we wanted to make the most of their company.

I made Coconut Butterscotch Dessert.

They proclaimed it the best dessert ever happy

Matan, Or and Amir at back

Nadav, Matan & Shir in front.

Anson took the 3 children and Marah out possum hunting.

They got back home at midnight and had had lots of fun.

Got 5 possums to add to Shanni’s possum fur bag so she was happy.

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