Sunday 26th February

The guys said they wanted to leve at 9am.

They arrived up after 10 and left about 10:30am.

So I guess they were running to time winky

Here’s their fishing and cooking tutor with them all just before they left.

Shir, Nadav, Amir, Shoshannah, Matan, Matan and Or.

 Then they had to go find their young friend Azzan.

He was immediately hoisted aloft and carried over and dumped on the trampoline laughing

They headed off to enjoy the views on the way out that they hadn’t seen coming in due to the dark and rain.

We settled down to some quiet and had fellowship.

It was fun cuz we had chipped the guys up about not singing so they tried much harder and we had a great sing song time.


I got a phone call from Anson’s boss from Victoria, Australia.

He and his wife were in Picton and wanted to pop in for a quick visit.

So they arrived while we were organising lunch.

Anson & Marah came around then too.

It was great to meet them.

Anson took them out in the ’88 SOuth’ to catch a few fish and show them around.

As they come from the very flat farming lands around Bendigo this country was completely foreign to them.

They had listened to Anson talk of home but couldn’t imagine it.

We were so pleased they had made the effort to drive all the way in when they had such a short time available.


The rest fo the troops walekd around to Waterfall Bay.

Jenny had baked specially so they had a wonderful visit.

Alice was very pleased to get a lift back on the boat with Anson as she found the track quite difficult.

The others all arrived back at dinner time.

I was busy working int he study while it was quiet and Tim was sleeing and hadn’t noticed the time.

And nothing down for dinner yet.

I got the veges underway and got the kids moving with chores that needed to be done.

Gavin cranked up the bbq and started cooking fish.

Anson & Marah went back to The Croft to shower and change and came back with a large bowl of marinated steak which was added to the bbq.

Manhandling the cook!!

Marah hanging with her hommies!


Tim & Garry disappeared.

We had no idea where they had gone.

Found out on their return that Tim had taken Garry for a ride in the farm truck right around the farm.

Needless to say Garry was hanging on very tight!!

He is not used to the hills, let alone hills steep as ours.

They returned around 9pm and we were finally all ready to eat dinner.

I know we have late dinners bt this time it really took the cake!

I was glad I had plenty of dessert leftover from last nights.

It was a great night talking and getting to know Lyn & Garry.

Really enjoyed them and look forward to hopefully visiting them on their farm soon.


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