D’Urville Island trip

Shanni shared these photos of their trip to D’Urville.

They had a good time except for the mosquitoes  censored

They didn’t leave home till after 3pm so were quite late getting out there.

They caught their dinner on the way.

Well, by the looks of it, the men did…

while the girls just hung about looking pretty!

Captain Gavin at the helm with Alice assisting.

Anson & Johannes cleaning the fish

Then getting camp set up int he old big empty shed.

Not realising that there were multitudes of mosquitoes reading for attack!

They spent all night fending them off so not a lot of sleep was had.

There was a lot of hilarity at the dinner table when they returned home and retold about their nights sleep, or lack of!!


Marah & Alice stayed with Hali & Azzan at the camp site and went on some adventures.

The guys went hunting but got nothing.

Tim & Johannes saw some deer which made Johannes’ day happy

But the Anson, Gavin & Shanni didnt see anything.

The had to wait on the beach for ages to be picked up so they made themselves a shelter and lit a fire as it was quite damp breezy cold day.


They were finally picked up by the boat.

The trip home must have been very quiet from the following photos.

They were catching on on some much needed sleep!

 Just as well Capt Gavin was at the helm to keep the boat heading in the right direction!

They arrived back around 4pm.

All tired and covered in mosquito bites.

But I guess they will be fast forgotten when the siren calls for the next trip out there!!

All the gear had to be unpacked and put away.

Anson & Marah decided to head to town at 4am the next morning rather than that night so they headed straight to The Croft to get some sleep.

The others all showered and I started the large pile of washing whatevah


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