Tuesday 28th February

Because I had the whole place to myself and I could do what I wanted, of course I was wide awake soon after 6am!

So I had a leisurely spa with my book and then started my day.

I had quite a lot to do in the study so I worked away in here for a while.

Then I went out and released Skip from the wash house and did Tinga’s morning feed etc.

I scattered coffee grounds in the garden and put the sprinkler into the rhubarb patch and the hose onto the rock garden.

The folk from the Cottage left around 10am so I had a wee chat with them.

It was rather nice just doing what I felt like for the next few hours.

I didn’t do anything really exciting.

Got the fire going – I knew there would be a great demand for hot showers later in the day!

Then I lay on the sofa with my lunch and watched ‘Coco‘.

It was a really good movie about Coco Chanel’s early life.

They campers arrived home before I finished watching it so I said my hullos and then finished it.

Dinner was easy as I had some stew left over and just put on some rice and fresh bread.

They were all happy with that.

They were too tired to want too much.

After the kids went off to bed Tim and I sat and chatted in the spa for a while.





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