Thursday 22nd March

It rained quite heavily overnight but was so gentle that we were all surprised to wake & find we had had around 25mm.

I woke feeling absolutely rotten.

Stumbled out of bed with a very aching foot & aching head.

Soaked in the spa with my book for a while.

My middle toe seems the worst – am hoping it is just bruised!

Resorted to some panadol for my head mid morning.

Azzan had his 9am skype time with his GO teacher and classmates.

That discussion led  him onto developing his studies.

He took my camera up the hill and to find photos of weeds then we spent quite a while this arvo doing a few pages about weeds in this area and how they spread etc.

We learnt some rather interesting stuff that neither Tim nor I knew.

Like the Red Admiral Butterfly breeding on the ongaonga.

And Kupe using ongaonga to slow down the jeolous husbands when they were chasing him!

Quite cool learning with your kids winky

When I wasn’t doing studies with Azzan I was carrying on with my office work.

Haven’t finished the gst yet – just a few tail end things to code up but I just cannot get inclined to complete it at the moment.

I guess it will just have to wait until next week – that is the deadline anyway!!


Anson came around and while we were talking I sussed out the times for the MarchFest that he and the others are all going to on Saturday.

Discovered that ‘Alabama 3‘ were one of the main gigs.

I couldn’t believe it stunned

One of my favouritest groups and I hadn’t known they were coming and I was not going to be in town when they were here.

I did some more sussing and discovered their only South Island gig is in Nelson on Sat night and I was going to be in Christchurch.

So I got on the phone and called up Bri to see if she minded me flying back early and then changed my flights so I can come back for it.

I managed to get everything changed and book myself a ticket to the MarchFest – joy joy joy pleased

Mahalia & Kashana cooked dinner – it was Mahalia’s home birthday dinner.

The girls made a delicious meal of Butter Chicken with rice and steamed carrots and broccoli.

The girls had gone out in the pouring rain with Gavin before dinner to cover the horses so were still rather damp – hence the ringlets.

Unfortunately I never had time nor the inclination to make her a cake sad

Mahalia really wanted to make up some Instant Dessert.

So we had Butterscotch Instant Pud , Coconut Cream Custard Trifle,  peaches and ice cream.

I popped a candle into Mahalia’s ice cream laughing

Then some pressies.

Shanni had wrapped them for me.

Tim had to have a wee play with the Sylvanian toys while Mahalia unwrapped her parcel of books, dvd and stickers – all horse based of course!

Shanni was complaining that she wasn’t in any of the photos so I took one of her doing a good job of cleaning up after the ‘party’ laughing

Thanks Shanni xxx


The rain is coming down in torrents tonight.

I do hope I will be able to get out to town tomorrow.

Kashana has decided she needs to go home so she will be coming out with me.

I better go pack my bags as I really want to get on the road early.

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