Wednesday 21st March

A very strong southerly was still blowing in the bay.

It was cold but sunny.

A mussel anchor had let go so Tim & Gavin went out early to secure the line & do some mussel work.

After breakfast Anson, Gavin & Shanni went to do some tree felling.

Anson was really upset cuz his brand new chainsaw blew the clutch to bits just after they had started work.

I am taking it back to the shop when I go on Friday to get it fixed.

I carried on working in the study.

I am getting on top of the paper war but as usual as soon as I feel like I am making progress it all starts piling up again sad


The children spent quite a bit of time with the horses.

They are walking them way up the Bush Road – quite handy modes of transport when they get tired.

Also great to do the possum trap rounds too.


Mahalia & Kashana playing with their music on the computer and talking on the phone to K’s mummy.

Despite the cool air temps the children decided to go swimming surfing before dinner.

The only time we actually get waves of any consequence in here is during a southerly and then it is usually too cold.

Just as well they had the spa to hop into afterwards!

Kashana waiting for the waves to come get her!



Dinner was easy as we had left overs from the previous two nights.

Choice of fish and mutton shanks.

Funnily enough the mutton shanks went fastest!


Just before I was going to bed last night I went into the bathroom and stumbled over a wet bundle of towels and togs lying in the doorway.

Somehow, I kicked my foot on something really hard and sorta fell through the doorway onto the side of the bath, and sat there holding my foot crying in pain.

My foot was so so sore.

It ached and stung all night sad


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