Friday 23rd March

I woke up at 4:30am so was able to have a leisurely shower and get myself packed before waking Kashana at 5:30.

I decided to remove the old nail polish from my toes before leaving and couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t come off one of my toes.

Then I realised it was the toe I hurt 2 nights ago and it weas not polish but a really colourful bruise under the nail – no wonder it has been sore stunned

We were in the Terrano and out the gate before 6am.

The rain had eased back to almost nothing.

Despite the day and night of heavy rain the road was in really good nick.

But we had low pea soup fog most of the way.

My eyes were out on stalks trying to see the road.

Kashana commented to me that I might be able to see where I was going if I cleaned the windscreen – I sorta got the idea that she didn’t realise that the fog was on the outside silly

The closer we got to Nelson the brighter the day became.

By the time we arrived it was actually a really nice day and it got a lot hotter.

I did a couple of jobs and then parked up and waited for Sally to come pick up Kashana before my 10am appointment at Nelson Nails & Beauty Spa.

Tim had given me a gift voucher to use there for my birthday so I went and had a combi spa pedicure/manicure.

It was a delightfully restful hour and a half.

I loved their massaging chairs – could easily have taken one of them home pleased

Thank you Timmy for the lovely gift.

I now have pretty toes and fingers happy

From there I went to visit my counselor.

I probably won’t have time to see her again for a while but I feel like I have made heaps of progress lately.

In fact this quote below sorta sums up how I feel.

I still have my down and struggling days but she is giving me strategies so I can cope with them better.

From there I met up with my friend Charlotte, our ex district nurse, for lunch at Colombus Coffee.

We hadn’t had a decent catch up for far too long so it was a very pleasant hour.

We had to move as the parking meter was running out.

I headed over the hill to pick up the saddle for Olly plus a few other things Mahalia needs for the horses.

Then got a few groceries from the wholesaler before zipping out to Richmond to drop off the spa water for testing.

Just had time to zip back into the city centre and get a frappacino before going back to Marah’s.

I repacked my suitcase and then we headed to the airport.

Marah took the Terrano back to her place.

The flight was delayed by 10mins but we still arrived in Christchurch on time.

I had a very interesting and chatty guy sitting next to me so the flight time seemed very minimal.

Bri met me and we came straight back to her place for fish pie and salad for dinner.

Then we watched ‘Mission Impossible 4

Quite different to my normal choice of movie, and not at all like the original tv series I used to watch when I was much younger, but it was rather entertaining!


I chatted with Abby for a while about Azzan’s GO programme and school stuff in general before retiring to my bed.

Now it is time to sleep.

It has been a long day.



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