Sunday 25th March

I was woken by a text from our new wwoofer at 7:30am.

Bit early considering the late night!

I went back to dozy land for a while longer.

It was a bit of a slowish morning until around 10 when Anson finally returned my call.

They had partied all night so he was not in a great state whatevah

David, Sasha & I headed into town for breakfast.

On the way I zipped into Countdown and got food for the guys.

I dropped it off at Marah’s.

The boys were not a pretty sight.

Anson improved slightly with the addition of this neon pink wig which he apparently wore the previous evening.

A photo of Gavin would’ve cracked my lens clueless

It was Sasha’s birthday so a big brotherly hug was ordered!

We left them the food and told them to consume and sober up.

Then we mosied off into town and decided to eat at Morrison Street Cafe.

It was our brunch but we got there around midday.

As usual the food is pretty darned great.

David had the Morrison Street’s Local Breakfast – it went down a treat!

I totally pigged out and had the Eggs Benedict on an English Muffin with 2 extra Kumara & Leek Fritters on the side just because they sounded so wonderfully tasty.

I ended up ditching the muffin and putting the fritters under my eggs – Delicious winky

Sasha ordered Kumara & Leek Fritters and then wondered if she could eat it all – she did!

When we ordered I had jokingly told the waiter that he should be adding a candle to Sasha’s breakfast as it was her birthday.

When we were leaving the waiter presented her with a wee marshmellow stackcake with a candle on top – very cute pleased

heart Happy Birthday Sasha heart

We were so incredibly full – lovely feeling for a beautiful sunny Sunday morning.

I dropped David & Sasha off at their car – they had left it at Founders the night before.

They were planning on heading off to the beach.

I had left my phone at their place so I followed them back to pick it up and on the way the skies turned black and the heavens opened – very weird!

Then soon after the sun came out in full brilliance and the rest of the arvo was really hot.

I zipped over to Alchemy Cafe to meet up with Ross & Andrea for 5 minutes.

Sally dropped Kashana off to me there, she had been home to see her Mum so was all good to come back and visit Mahalia for another week.

We called in to Marah’s and loaded some of her gear in.

Anson had already taken a lot of her surplus stuff and left just before we arrived.

Then we fueled up, got groceries and picked up the new wwoofer – a Chinese guy called Brad.

He does have a few other Chinese names but chose Brad cuz it is easy to say and he likes Brad Pitt.

Tim suggested later that Brad Thorn was a better namesake winky

We were full to the top so he had to pile his very large suitcase on his knee until we got to Seb & Phoebe’s and Nathan helped me repack the Terrano.

We had a very enjoyable drive home.

Brad was very interesting to talk to, and is English is pretty good so it wasn’t a struggle to understand him.

He had no idea where he was going though.

Just liked out profile in the wwoofer book!

Thought we had a dairy farm because it says we have cattle!!

So as we got further from civilisation he got more and more amazed.

I got to Okuri Bay in time to watch the sun setting – it is my most favourite view on the drive out.

When we got to our boundary 40 minutes later it was nearly dark but Brad could see enough and was totally gobsmacked.

He comes from a ‘small’ city in central China of only 4.7million people!!

So for us to have over 500 hectares of people-bare land was unbelievable to him.


Dinner was finished when we got home but there was some leftovers for Kashana & Brad to eat.

Johannes and Gavin helped Brad get his gear up to the hut and then we all called it a night.

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