Friday 30th March

Mahalia & I left the house at 8:15am.

She had an appointment with her orthodontist – Andrew Lush.

That all went well.

She has about 6 months more to hopefully loose the last of her baby teeth and then he can begin the major work on her teeth.

He said hopefully it will take between 12 – 24 months and then, in his words, ‘Mahalia will be even more beautiful that she is now’ pleased

So I have 6 months to get her into optimum health before the braces go on!

Tim & Johannes drove out from home and picked up Shanni & Azzan and Gavin from Seb’s.

They met us after the appointment.

I ran in and got Tim some RUC’s before dropping Mahalia at her harp lesson.

I then went to my counselling appointment.

It was a really good session.

Thrashed out a lot of stuff and I left feeling somewhat stronger.

Tim picked up Mahalia so by the time I found them the children were waiting at Penguinos for me to come and get us all gelatos.

While Tim searched No1 Shoe’s for some replacement sandals Shanni took the kids and went off to get lunch at the hot potato stand.

I dropped Shanni off at Kathryn’s so she could hang out for the arvo.

We met up with Tim again in Richmond shortly after.

Azzan was booked in to the One Day School open day.

I had to leave soon after so Tim & Mahalia stayed with him.

When I left he was happily taking part in the group discussion so I am looking forward to hearing his account and reaction of his time there.

Ross took me to the airport.

I was flying on the small air2there plane from Nelson to Paraparaumu.

Thankfully it was a lovely day as my last experience on a wee plane was not a good one sad

The day was wonderful and only a few clouds marred the view – in fact they were so few and whispy they actually added to it!

Nelson port and city centre from the air


 I was able to zoom in on Seb & Phoebe’s house.

It’s the grey roof sorta centre left at the end of the cul-de-sac with the white car parked outside.


Then the pilot veered eastwards and we flew over home.

I got some great shots giving a better perspective of where we live and the reason it takes me nearly 3 hours to drive 121kms to town!

That is part of our road you can see below.

 Home is coming closer.

It is the last bay to the north of the peninsula.


 Looking into Port Ligar from the east.

 There’s our farm under the cloud with our house the wee white speck in the centre at sea level.

We were very soon landing at Paraparaumu.

Hanne met me and we went back to the house.

It was lovely to spend a couple of hours with her and the girls.

Fern woke up and while giving Tahi a waking up cuddle, tried to decide just what she really wanted to do.


Snuggling up with big sister Nanna and watching a Richard Scarrey counting video was the best choice happy

It used to be Nanna’s favourite video when she was little and first came to NZ – she said no wonder she learned to count in English so well!!

Anja sorting the calendar pages

Tahi also sorting the surprise calendar pages for Hanne’s birthday.

 Thankfully Hanne was kept busy on her computer so she didn’t see too much of the surprise things happening!

I took this lovely photo of her and her beautiful girls before I left.

Maria, Hanne, Nanna & Anja.


Nanna & Anja flew back from Denmark to celebrate their Moder’s birthday.

Maria organised the whole party from Taupo.

Tahi & Tamara flew down from Auckland.

So all 5 girls were there to do the final preparations – always lovely to see them en masse!


Cat & Leanne arrived to take me back to the yacht.

We realised the girls had taken off in their mother’s car with my suitcase in the boot!

So we popped down the street to visit Wendy & Jae and meet their precious new bundle Fern.

She is such a cutie.

When we left the girls still had not returned so we met up with Hanne at Paekakariki and got the bag before heading to the boat.

Just had time to dump our stuff before heading across the marina to John’s yacht where we all spent the evening enjoying good food and  great company.

John cooking up a storm – a delicious chicken casserole.

Jay (also has a yacht in the marina) Cat & Leanne

 Jayne, Johnny and me on the other side of the cabin

And Skip right at home under the table!


We had a lovely evening and then came back to the Vision and crashed out for the night.



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