Wednesday 25th April – Brunch etc

We had a relaxing morning – sat around the outside table and  talked over our drinks for a while.
Hazel fed her ‘girls’ bacon rind which they adore.
In exchange they presented her with 5 eggs.

Then it was brunch time.
Tim managed to roll out of bed and through the shower in time to eat with us.
Murray made his speciality.
Bacon & Egg wraps.
He has the special secret technique which cannot be divulged.
Needless to say they were made to absolute perfection and were absolutely delicious.

Murray has created a wonderful wet garden in the corner of their outdoor living area.

They have some cute wee residents.
One of which popped his head out to say hullo.
Love the way his cute wee fingers are hanging on to the leaf.

After breakfast we went for a walk down to the beach.
They live just one block away.
It had been a coolish morning so Tim & I were wearing our downies but Murray convinced us that we wouldn’t need them and he was right.
It was rather warm and once at the beach we stripped off our footwear and rolled up our pants and waded along the waters edge as we wandered up the beach.

Murray & Hazel stripped off and went for a swim.
I was happy to just paddle – it was a bit too cool for me.

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