Friday 27th April

I got up at 5am to say goodbye to Murray.

Then I worked on my blog and photos, getting them already to load when I got to a wifi access.

We packed up and left after 9am.

Drove down the road to the Warnbro Maccas.

I spent an hour or so there getting my blog all caught up.

Then we zipped through the shopping centre and got some snack food and fuel.

Finally left just before midday.

We had a long drive ahead of us and had planned to leave earlier but sometimes plans just don’t work out.

We followed the green line on the map Murray had lent us.

Tim drove for the first two hours.

I must say that it was the longest, most boring drive I have done in a very long time!

The scenery was brown, the farms were so incredibly brown and dry.

I cannot understand anyone wanting to farm there.

We drove through acres and acres of wheat belt country.

There were paddocks burning along the way.

The burn the stubble off after harvest.

The bush is very scrubby.

The earth is red.

The colours are red, brown, grey, dark green at times when there are trees,

It is so flat

We stopped for a quick break at Cuballing.

Gorgeous old Post Office.


But the food was terrible.

I drove from there for the next two hours.


The roads are unbelievably straight and just go on and on and on and on and on….

We swapped drivers again at Tarin Rock

This is Lake Grace.

Well part of it.

The part on the south side was huge and contained some water.

The rest was just salt flats.

Something like 85kms straight from Lake Grace to Lake King

It was getting dark by the time we arrived in Lake King so I took the wheel again.

Tim does not cope with city or night driving.

I am happy to do both so we make a pretty good team.

We finally arrived at Ravensthorpe just after 6:30 and managed to find Hamish & Corina’s place without too much difficulty.

It was lovely to get out of the Land Cruiser and just stop!

Corina had made a delicious dinner – lasagne and a pineapple/mango meringue pie so we fed well.

Then chatted a wee while before heading off to bed.

Tim was going to sleep in his chair so he was very ready for bed

We hade driven over 560 kms in just over 6.5 hours today.

We are allowed to be tired!




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