Saturday 28th April

We were a tad slow this morning.

Hamish & Corina were up and ready to take us sight seeing and we were still trying to surface.

Corina cooked up a huge breakfast to keep us going for the day.

Billie made herself comfortable on the back seat with Tim & me.

First stop was to go see the town house.

Hamish has done a fantastic job transforming it from a basic miners cottage to an up-market home.

We were suitably impressed.

We headed across country and up to Mt McCahon on the Ravensthorpe Range

This is the view looking towards Ravensthorpe.

Then we bush bashed across country and eventually found the pools at Woodenup Creek.

This is the parking area winky

It is a pretty area with lots of mineral colours in the rocks

The water is low at present but comes up a lot further during the wet season

Then we followed the fence out to Nindilbillup Road

An emu ran out in front of us and got such a fright it literally flew off and then got tangled in a fence before disappearing into the undergrowth.

Long red roads that go on forever…….

We drove along the Heritage Walkway

Then got out to walk along the old railway line.

The gum trees shed bark and mixed with other fallen foliage it made a really pretty carpet.


We then drove up to the bat cave.

It was an old mine shaft – Hamish didn’t have a torch so used his phone to light the way.

Tim went with him but Corina and I stayed outside – didn’t fancy meeting up with bats in the darkness!

I went in far enough to see the colours.

We were rather dismayed to see that there had been some drilling & sampling done up there.

If they find enough mineable minerals the place probably will be closed off and mined again.

 There were several old open mine shafts nearby.

The colours were gorgeous.

Hamish took us to the old Copper Smelting place on the way back home.

It was a huge area of ruins.

Such a shame they don’t preserve it like they have done back at home.




We headed back home then as the day was getting on.

Checked out Hamish’s man cave on the way up the drive.

Then after a wee rest I drove the guys into town to get some juice at shop and then up to an old mine head nearby.

Corina had made a delicious casserole with mashed potatoes and veges.

We made short work of it and then devoured her cheesecake.

It was magnificent – so full!!






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