Sunday 29th April

I woke early enough to see this gorgeous sunrise.

And because we were up early we were able to be on the road by 8am!

We drove past the back entrance to the nickel mine where Hamish & Corina work.

Met up with this humungous harvester – it took up all the road and according to Corina it was just a small one!

Hamish took us in a SE direction on Jerdacuttup Road.

The gravel roads are all pretty well maintained.

They are long and red and straight!

We then headed off south along Fence Road.

It follows the southern end of the Rabbit Proof Fence which you can see along side the road.

Not so rabbit proof anymore, but still an amazing feat.

We then turned along the Southern Ocean Highway.

Starvation Bay where the fence finishes – looking west.

Starvation Bay – looking east.

There were heaps of these wee crabs in the rocks but this one was out in the midday sun and not terribly impressed by us disturbing him.

Me holding the remains of the end of the fence.

Tim got lose with my camera – but I did think having a ‘rabbit’ sitting on top of the last remains of the wall was appropriate winky

 Corina spotted this baby Tiger snake on the road as we left Starvation Bay.

The baby ones are far more lethal than the adults because they haven’t learnt to control their venom.

The adults will give a warning bite before they release venom but not the babes!

We kept our distance and it shot off the road into the bushes pretty fast.

Billie kept a look out from Tim’s shoulder most of the way.

We stopped at Mason Bay.

It was beautiful there.

Huge rocks and surging seas.

Anson called us up and we had a quick chat.

It was hard to talk cuz the coverage wasn’t great but he did say that Mahalia needed to talk to us.

Tim surveying the scenery

The sea water intake plant for the First Quantum mine’s desalination system.

We stopped at 13 Mile Beach.

It was beautiful.

But it was getting too hot for me!!

I would love to have gone down tot he beach but I knew I wouldn’t have coped with walking all the way back in the heat.

I was already beginning to feel a bit headachey and yucky.

The Ravensthorpe Range in the distance.

We got to Hopetoun around midday.

There was a long white beach along to the east

And a large man made break water with launching areas and jetties.

The town was rather sleepy.

Being a Sunday not a lot was open.

We stopped in at the general store and got ice creams and then Hamish took us for a tiki tour of the town.

There were heaps of new homes built by the mines for the mine employees,

We headed back home stopping in to visit Kundip.

It is on the heritage walkway and was a reasonable sized town in the early 1900’s but there is nothing there now apart from the historical notice board.

I was quite glad to get home.

It had been a great day and a good look around but I was getting really sick from a headache.

Finally had to succumb to Panadine which helped me make it through dinner.

Corina’s parents came to eat with us.

After they left Hamish put on a movie called Red Dog.

I couldn’t stay up any longer so left them to it enjoy it.

I will watch it another day.


We finally made contact with home.

I had picked up that there was something wrong by some comments that had been made on Facebook plus Anson’s earlier remark.

We talked to all the children and discovered that Mahalia’s horse Diesel had slipped down a wet slippery bank and broken his back and was dead.

She is heart broken.

It was very hard to hear her crying on the phone and not be there for her.

We talked to Leeann and she said all was well apart from the demise of Diesel.

Then talked with Marah.

I am so glad she is there for Halia.

They are busy painting rocks to build a memorial place for him and when we get home I will buy a special tree for her to plant there.

In the meantime they will ride Olly and keep him calm.

He was very attached to Diesel.


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