Wednesday 23rd May

I slept fitfully through the night.

Should’ve set the alarm and then I might have relaxed enough to actually sleep!

Finally got up about 5:30am and got Shanni up too.

We were all ready to go well before 7am.

It was a beautiful clear crisp morning.

I had to stop and record the views as we drove!


Looking north from our boundary.

Looking north again from St Lawrence half an hour later.

Mount Tapuaenuku was showing clearly through the hills to the south.

Looking west from Okuri

Looking east from above Savill Bay


We got to town around 9:30am.

I dropped Shanni off to have a look at thermals in Postie while I took the Terrano over to Muratai Motors.

I got a cute wee curtesy car to zip about in while they fixed it.

I went to find Shanni – she still was dithering as to what to get so I left her and went to do a few quick jobs.

I was on a mission as we both had appointments.

When I got back she had pretty much chosen what she wanted.

I gave her lunch to her so she could go eat it in the car while I paid.

Typical though – when you are in a hurry the computers go down whatevah

We had to fly once I finally got them paid for.

Got Shanni to her 11am appointment right on the dot and then I had time to do one quick thing before my 11:30am appointment.

Picked her up just before 1pm and then did some shopping before meeting Anson, Marah & Phoebe at ‘623’ for lunch.

Anson had mussels to deliver so he took my wee car back over to Muratai and picked up the Terrano and I took his truck for half an hour.

We met up again just before 3pm and then he took Shanni and went to get groceries before they all went home.

I spent the next 90mins having a wonderful massage and facial.

I didn’t realise how much I needed it pleased

Then I met up with Nathan and Tori & her girls at Starbucks for a chat.

Nathan had to head off to the Rata Room to work for the night.

I was heading down Trafalgar St to get some food for dinner when I saw the cinema and thought maybe I might go to the movies.

I am never in town on my own with nothing to do so thought why not.

Then I had the massive choice as to what to see confused

‘Dark Shadows’ or ‘Marigold Hotel’

What a dilemma!!

I decided to go with Johnny Depp.

It certainly was an interesting movie with really great visual effects.

But I found the ending too weird and strange – and yes, I know the whole movie is weird but the ending wasn’t what I thought it should be!!

I certainly will not be adding it to our home dvd collection.

It was finished by 8pm so I got some food from Countdown and came back to eat and relax.

Nathan is working late so I have had a quiet night on my own.



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