Friday 25th May

It was really good to be welcomed home by the three darlings.

They had had a busy day while we were away.

Azzan had spent the time at Waterfall Bay with Theo and walked back in the afternoon.

Shanni fixed her bike.

Mahalia did some baking.

Anson took Mahalia fishing to catch dinner.

Then he took them all possum hunting.


Friday for me was spent finishing off the gst and then getting tickets booked for us to go north in Sept for Sunni & Mat’s wedding.

It has been a bit difficult to know what to do – drive up and take a couple of weeks holiday, or just fly up for a few days.
With Anson & Graham away we really couldn’t take the 2 weeks we would like to have done unless we had someone reliable here.

And of course the major consideration is Tinga – he is not an easy pet to look after.

So with some help from Graham the ultimate decision was made once I had gotten the farm-sitter sussed, to fly.

As well as that I was booking for Anson & Marah to get over from OZ, Nathan to fly up from Nelson with Seb & Phoebe and communicating with Jesika so she & Evan can co-ordinate their flight plans too.

There will be a family convergence – watch out Auckland!!

Next on the list is accommodation and transport.


We were expecting Ross & Lenore to arrive on Thursday, but they got held up and didn’t get to us until around 11pm Friday night.

So we went off to bed and let them sort themselves out when they finally got here.




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