Saturday 26th May

It was a beautiful morning.

Tim & Anson went out to do some mussel work.

I stayed in bed until rather late and finished reading my book.

Didn’t see why I needed to hurry on a lovely leisurely Saturday.

Marah came around to use the phone & organise getting to town.

A young friend had been killed in a car accident so she wanted to get back home for his funeral.

Shanni was in a cleaning frenzy.

She had the living room swept and vacuumed right through and then proceeded to give the inside bathroom a total clean out.

Azzan vacuumed the Terrano for me.


Ross & Lenore didn’t surface until later in the day.

They needed a sleep in after their long day’s travelling.



Tim took Ross out fishing so they caught dinner

Just as I was about to get the veges underway Jesika Skyped me so I had to do some delegating in the kitchen.

Lenore made a stir fry and Shanni did some potatoes and steamed some broccoli for me to put a sauce over.


While we were eating Azzan asked me,

If mammals have breeding seasons, why don’t humans?’

That just about brought the house down as Tim prompted me to answer with a big grin on his face pleased

After dinner the men were scraping over who was going to wash the dishes.

Tim won!

But he had to put up with Ross & Graham’s antics laughing

As dinner was ate we didn’t muck about too long before we all headed towards our beds.

I was just finishing up in the study when Jesika Skyped again.

Starting to pull all the wedding travel plans together nicely pleased

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