Sunday 27th May

We woke to a storm this morning.

Marah left around 9am just as it began raining.

Then the wind built up in massive ferocity.

It was really really stormy.

Anson and the 3 kids went down to kill some sheep.

I had discovered last night, to my horror, that I had booked Anson and Marah back to Melbourne after the wedding on the wrong day.

I was fully prepared to have to pay a huge ‘fine’ to change and/or upgrade the tickets.

I had to call AirNZ as I couldn’t make the changes online.

I had a very long wait in the phone queue and then when I told the guy what I had done he said for me to rebook the tickets and then call back and they would refund the wrong ones.

I did that and then called back – waiting in a queue for ages again.

When another guy answered he told me I should’ve booked the whole Melb-Akld-Melb flights not just the Akld-Melb leg and that I needed to do that and then he could refund me all the incorrect bookings.

I was getting a little distressed by this time and mentioned that I had already had to wait in the queue for half the morning so he said he was happy to wait on the phone while I made the new bookings.

He was so lovely, told me to take my time and do it quietly so I would get it right and he was happy to just wait.

So this time I got them all rebooked and then he refunded all the other bookings.

What a sweetie he was.

I could not believe that I actually got two lovely guys who sorted out the problem so easily and never charged me anything extra.

Go Air New Zealand!!


Graham came around.

Ross & Lenore arrived up for fellowship.

The kids were all still killing so we all just chatted around the fire.

The children finally came up carrying buckets and bins of offal.

The cleaned up and then joined us.

We had a nice time discussing a few verses from Matthew 5 etc.

Finally had lunch around 3.

Anson came back with some cake and dessert to share with us.

The skies were clearing & the sun was breaking through.

The wind was blowing the clouds away.

The way had a very windswept but clean look to it.

We then discovered that the wind had created a bit of havoc outside.

The trampoline had been picked up and blown into the creek

on the way it took down the mains power cable to the workshop!

So, after lunch Graham got to work and fixed the cable so we could get power back on.

There are 2 freezers up there plus the electric fence unit so it is rather necessary.

Anson brought his washing around and was acting the idiot on his way out!

The red rubber ball was going in all directions silly

Shanni cleaned the outside bathroom in the morning and then proceeded to repaint the floor and walls in the afternoon.

I quite like the new blue colour she found.

She was doing a spot of multi-tasking and talking on the phone as she painted!


Mahalia went up the hill with Anson to check on Olly.

He was doing fine, munching away on grass up the Bush Road.

So she went on up the hill hunting with Anson.

They didn’t get anything.

We had lunch so late that dinner is a non event.

Azzan & Tim watched a movie and I caught up on some blogging.


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