Tuesday 29th May

Anson came around at 6am to get Azzan but everyone was still sleeping so he headed up the hill to start crutching the sheep on his own.

We all started surfacing around 7am.

Tim, Ross & Azzan went up to help Anson.

He sorted and crutched around 700 sheep.

The generator and new handpiece system worked well up in the yards.

Certainly saved a lot of work not having to bring them all down the hill to the shed.

The girls got themselves packed and ready.

I had stuff to get finished and then finally managed to get through the shower before lunchtime.

I packed and was trying to have my lunch and be ready for when Anson arrived back.

Azzan came running in after 1pm and said that Anson was coming soon.

He arrived round and we loaded up and were gone around 3pm.

We had to stop up the hill for Halia to give Olly some treats.

It was a pretty harrowing trip stunned

Talk about shades of his father!!

As we left he was checking the stock down the hill below.

Then as we got around further he was scanning the hills above for signs of pigs etc.

And as we drove through the various neighbours farms he was checking out the stock and pasture etc!!

Needless to say I was keeping a close eye on the road winky

We listened to a random selection of music from Anson’s iPod on the way.

I finally got to choose something I liked and I soon found out they all liked my choice.

Adele – ‘Set fire to the Rain

Anson turned it up and the children were singing along at the tops of their voices.

Anson kept turning it up further to drown them out!!

Mahalia had her fingers in her ears but still kept on singing.


We got to Rai Valley and the kids got some food and Anson stocked up on food and coffee before heading on over the hills to Nelson.

He dropped us off at Nathan’s to pick up the Terrano.

Then he shot off to his evening tuition session.

I left Shanni to get sorted and took M&A to find some dinner.

They love the treat of going to the supermarket and choosing a frozen meal each.

They also hired a couple of dvds.

I took them back to the house and Shanni babysat so I could go out for dinner with Andrea.

They had their dinners and then curled up in bed with the dvd player and watched their movies.

Andrea & I had a lovely evening at The Stables.

It was really lovely to have uninterrupted time to relax and chat over a really lovely meal.

I dropped her back home and then headed back to the children around 9pm.

They were all snugged into their beds.

I worked away on a project I am trying to get finished until Nathan arrived in from work.

He has just gotten a position as a casual wait staff at The Tides Restaurant & Bar.

It was the end of his 2nd night there and he is loving it.

I am so pleased for him.

It has taken a few months for him to finally get this job but I think it has been worth the wait.




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