Tuesday 22nd May

Another cold still day.

I spent most of the day buried in the accounts.

Got them pretty much finished – just a few questions awaiting answers from accountants and then I can file once home from town.

Azzan & Mahalia did chores.

Azzan folded the washing and put it away then tidied his room.

Mahalia did dishes and hung up wet washing and cleaned the rabbit’s cage.

Azzan looked after the rabbit.

Shanni swept the floors then went around her traps.

Tim put ’88 South’ back into the water.

Shanni helped him and then Anson went out to do some mussel work with Tim.

She also did some baking – made these cute wee cupcakes which apparently were very delicious.


Anson & Marah left for town later in the afternoon.

They dropped Mahalia & Shanni at the top of the hill so they could go see Olly.

They took their bikes up so they could bike back home.

Not too long later Tim was on the phone and I got a text from Shanni to say Mahalia had been kicked in the leg and couldn’t walk.

Oh dear!

What next?

So I managed to get Tim to curtail his conversation and he went up to get the girls.

Poor Halia.

They had been running Olly down the airstrip, one on each side and he kicked out to the side and got her on the upper thigh.

She is going to have quite a bruise.

Tim took some frozen fish up to ice pack it with and then she ice packed it for the rest of the day until bedtime.

I gave her a good check over and ascertained that nothing was broken.

By bedtime she was starting to weight bare and was beginning to walk herself about the furniture.



Monday 21st may

Tim said he would take the children away for a while so I could concentrate on doing the accounts and gst.

Anson went out mustering early and had arranged for everyone to meet him up the hill to do firewood when he had finished.

Kristina, Paul & Theo came up from Waterfall Bay to help too.

The men had the chainsaws and the woodsplitter going.

Tim had some last minute stuff to do on the boat before he went up the hill.

He took Shanni & Azzan up with him mid morning.

Shanni was armed up with a large packet of chips and some gluten free flapjack slice.

Little did she realise that would be all they would have to eat for the day!
The mornings work took the whole day!!

Mahalia & Marah took Olly up.

He is beginning to slim down now with so much exercise.

He is also calming down a lot now he is on his own.

These next six photos are from Mahalia’s camera.

I love this photo heart

He still gets quite sweaty walking up the hill so more weight to lose yet.

The decision to leave him up on the airstrip was made.

He wasn’t to happy to begin with but had settled down by the time they all came home.

Marah has adopted Jack.

Quite funny really cuz her dog Ria will only go to Anson now!!



Shanni took the rest of these photos.

The guys had the logsplitter set up in the middle of the road.

Just as well there wasn’t much traffic.

Only one neighbour came by – twice!

They took 2 truck loads of wood down to Waterfall Bay and then one to home at the end of the day.

Azzan went home with Theo on the first load and then walked back around the track.

He didn’t get home till after dark.

Nice for him to have Theo next door for a while.


I spent the whole day in the study and made quite a hole in the proceedings.

Packed it in when they arrived home around 5pm and decided to make some dinner.

We had heaps of leftover veges so I mixed them up with flour, cheese & eggs and made fritters.

They went down exceptionally well.


So generally it was a very productive day all round pleased



Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st May part 2

Tim, Anson & Shanni disappeared over the hill somewhere so I went for a wander.

Love the colours and shapes of the hills in the late afternoon light.

They returned.

Even though it was Sunday they still had farm stuff to talk about.

Bit of a classic father/son photo happy

The children were playing silhouettes in the setting sun.

The shadows were lengthening and the day getting colder so we packed up

Marah & the kids were rarking about down the hill

Then Anson towed Zani up the hill as he left

It was only 5pm but the sun was setting over D’Urville Island already

Anson waiting to shut the gate behind us – looking slightly unamused winky

We followed them down the hill and waited while they filled the truck with firewood.

The stopped to talk while they unloaded at The Croft.

They guys were talking serious stuff in the front

seemingly unaware of the crazy carryings on in the backseat!!

Marah was in a very ‘stir up the kids’ sorta mood laughing

Finally the men had talked all they needed to talk and we drove the rest of the way home.

Thankfully none of them were terribly hungry so we just made quick food and then off to bed.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Saturday 20th – Sunday 21st May – part 1

Saturday wasn’t a good day.

I was trying to juggle to much.

Trying to be a good mother to all ages and stages.

Trying to be a peacemaker.

It didn’t work.

I just ended up in the middle of it all and was an emotional mess for the rest of the day and the night.

Mahalia took Olly for a ride.

Anson took Shanni hunting.

Tim & Azzan went fishing off the rocks and caught dinner later in the arvo.

Cat & Leeann went fishing in the dinghy once they had put the yachts away.

They cooked theirs on the beach.


Cat & Leeann left just after 9am on Sunday morning.

Leeann had to get back for work.

It was a glorious day and they made very good time across the Straits.

Love the path in the water that ‘Vision’ made as it motored out the bay.

I curled up in front of the fire and read my book for most of the morning.

Shanni went around to Bush Inn to meet up with Kristina who walked around from Waterfall Bay.

She was meant to take possum traps to her but forgot them.

So Tim, Halia & Azzan drove around in the truck with them and then did the trapline with her.

When Tim got back he had to make a phone call.

There was talk of a picnic up the hill but Tim talked for so long we weren’t sure what was happening.

We all had lunch while we waited.

Finally he came out and we all got ready to go up and find the sunshine.

I boiled up some sausages from the freezer, grabbed some tomato sauce, lemonade, & matches.

It was freezing outside so we headed up the hill in the Terrano instead of the farm truck – didn’t need built in air-conditioning winky

It was lovely up there – a glorious afternoon.

It was so clear when we first arrived we could clearly see Kapiti Island to the NE.

But too cloudy to the NW to see Mt Taranaki


Tim towed the children up the airstrip on the skidder board, then Mahalia got towed around the yards.

There was a bit of indecision as to where to have the bonfire.

Had to be in the sun but out of the chilly breeze.

As Tim drove about the yards the children were skylarking.

Finally the right cormer was found.

There were lots of fantails flitting about as we lit the fire.

They are such cute wee birds but they don’t stay still long enough to photograph – I was lucky to catch this one!

Tim brought up an old tin bucket and soon had a very smokey fire burning.

Then we were cooking

and eating

Nothing like a smokey sausage with lashings of T-sauce!

Afterwards there was some skipping.

Mahalia skips well alone but Azzan needed the girls to turn the rope for him.

‘Just hold it like that Shanni!!

Now I can do it laughing

Nothing like a bit of feed and then a rest in the sun on a Sunday arvo.

Anson & Marah came up to join us.


(too many photos so will split this entry in half)




Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th May

First few days home were just filled with unpacking, coming down to earth and going through a month of mail – both physical and email.

It is much colder here than when we left so I have been enjoying starting my days in the hot spa getting the body temperature up a bit.

There is a little sun on the house still but the air is very crisp.

So much so I have put the heater on in the hallway so we don’t all freeze to death overnight!!

Home is still as beautiful as ever pleased

I was aware that I had to get on to the gst but before that I needed to spend some time with Azzan and his GO school work.

That took up a lot of time over the first few days.

He had a story to write and Skype calls with his classmates and teacher.

Leeann had been keeping him going while I was away but there was work to be scanned and uploaded etc.

I wanted to get it under control before I started the gst so I could get the study and computer to myself!


I found Mo & Jynx doing a tad of ‘time-sharing’ with Tinga happy


Cat was busy working on ‘Alibi’ during the last few days she had at home.

 Having 2 yachts on moorings in front of the house make the bay seem somewhat peaceful.

Tim still has ’88 South’ on the beach trailer.

Once he acclimatised and got his land legs back again he spent a couple of days antifouling the hull.

It is now all painted and ready to go back in the water and get back to work.


Cat & Leeann were also busy working on Cat’s hut while we were away.

 The new fence and landscaping looks really cool.

The children helped too.

Azzan had told me on the phone that he helped Cat wash her windows ‘cuz they haven’t been washed since she put them in!’

There was also some bank digging so the back deck could be extended and planting done.

I went for a wander up to see them one morning but the girls weren’t at home.

Mahalia painted the pretty blue wall.

I love the wee garden gate.


Mahalia is still grieving over Diesel.

We had a session one morning, printing out her favourite photos of him and putting them into her frames,

She is pretty good most of the time but little things will tip her emotional bucket right over.

She has had a few sobs on our shoulders.

She has been taking Olly out riding.

He is apparently doing much better now he is on his own.

Mahalia took the next four photos.

She spends a lot of time with Marah – riding Olly and helping at The Croft.

Anson is building an outdoor bath area.

 Ria was ‘helping’ laughing

Marah & Mahalia helped landscape it.

It is looking really cool.

Shoshannah & I have been enjoying cuddling up together and watching ‘Call the Midwife‘.

It is a great series and I can’t wait for the next one to come out.

In the meantime I think I will have to locate the books and have a read.

Talking about reading – I have done a bit of that this week.

Nothing like curling up with a good book by the fire or in the spa.

I bought ‘The Damascus Way‘ while in Esperance but never got to start it till I got home.

I was about half way through when I realised it was the 3rd in a series.


It was so interesting and well written that I have just ordered the first two books!


The mailboat arrived on Friday bringing yet again more mail for me to deal with.

I so love being back amongst the paper war – not!

I wasn’t coping terribly well on Friday.

I guess I had arrived home late on Tuesday after several long days of traveling, plus I had been sick and then was straight back into it.

So by Friday my emotional self was not in a good state.

I was trying to wade through stupid forms and papers which were making no sense whatsoever and felt like a complete waste of time, and I just generally started losing the plot again.

I so have to give this stuff away.

It is totally destroying any equilibrium I have in life.

As fast as I try to gain control I lose it again.

I just do not cope with wearing too many hats anymore.

Our lovely holiday together almost is beginning to feel like a lifetime ago already bummed


Friday night we had a power cut at 7:30pm.

We had just finished dinner and I was about to do some paper work inthe study and it just went off.

No flashes, nothing.

Just blackness.

Called the power company and for once got a new girl who knew nothing about our area and was following the questions to the book.

I was really not in the mood to fill all the tedious questions whatevah

When she got to the questions of ‘are your neighbours off too?‘ and ‘have you had an electrician check it out?

I was like ‘Listen sweetheart – we live in the middle of Cook Strait. We don’t have neighbours. We don’t even have an electrician. The Power Is Out – Fix It!!

Once we had gotten all her questions answered and she was happy I then called up Waterfall Bay and yes they were also out and Anson text to say they had no power either.

Unfortunately he and Marah hadn’t cooked their dinner yet so had to make do with sandwiches.

Thankfully Kristina got a different woman (one that knew what she was about) on the phone when she reported the fault and discovered it was a widespread outage and could take a while.

So we all headed off to bed.

I woke at 3:30 and turned off the forgotten lights.

Apparently it was a burning pole at French Pass that was to blame!

Good to have an early night though.



Tuesday 15th May

We were up and packed in time to leave the motor inn at 7:20am.

Once again the host was not particularly sociable.

We were quite glad to get to the airport and be rid of him.

We had time to get ourselves a fresh fruit smoothie at TANK for breakfast and wander a bit before our flight.

It was still wet outside and the flight had a few bumps but not too drastic.

We landed into a dampish Nelson but at least it was not raining.

Tim went off to find the Terrano – Bruce & Sarah had left it in a parking area when they flew to Chch earlier in the morning.

We were soon underway.

Discovered that the Terrano needed a wof so went straight to Muritai Motors and wandered to the bakery for a wee snack while they obligingly did the job.

It all passed so we were off again.

We had several appointments so spent the next few hours getting those out of the way.

Then we had to go pick up some clearlight roofing at Mitre 10 for Cat and had time to meet Sasha at the Speights Ale House nearby – I had a late lunch as my stomach was finally settling down and I was hungry.

Food was pretty good happy

We then zipped into town and grabbed groceries and headed off to see Nathan, Seb & Phoebe.

We caught up with all of their news for an hour or so and then dragged ourselves into the Terrano and drove home.

I think Tim was pretty keen to get back as the closer we got the faster he drove!!

The house was all in darkness when we arrived but it didn’t take 2 little folk long to realise we were home.

Mahalia & Azzan came out to see us and helped us unload and had heaps to tell us.

It was very good to get into our own bed after a couple of long days & nearly a month away.





Monday 14th May

I woke at 1:30am feeling very very sick.

I ended up having a massive chuck up and went back to bed feeling heaps better.

Slept through till the alarm went off at 6:30am.

I was so glad I had set it as I would’ve slept through.

We showered, finished packing, changed the bed and helped Jesika tidy up so she wouldn’t have to do anything much when she got back as she had a work dinner after work.


It was raining off and on.

We had a good drive to the airport.

When we stopped to fuel up it absolutely bucketed down – thanks Melbourne!!

We were at the airport in plenty of time to be able to check in and have a reasonably relaxed wander through security and do a wee bit of shopping.

Jesika had to get to work so unloaded us, said our last goodbyes and then headed away.

It’s always hard saying goodbye bummed


We had a good flight back to Auckland.

I was still not feeling wonderful so couldn’t eat all the meal they supplied so Tim had a bonus feed!

We arrived into Auckland at around 5:30pm.

I changed the simcard on my phone and called up the motor inn that I had booked.

After several repeats as I couldn’t understand the guy on the phone I figured out which door to wait at.

About 10 mins later we were collected by a Chinese guy driving a shuttle van.

Despite Tim trying to instigate a conversation there was only the odd grunt from the driver’s seat so we gave up.

I thought I had booked a hotel close tot he airport but we seemed to drive for ages – it was actually only about 10 mins.

It was cold, dark and raining and we seemed to arrive somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

He pulled up outside the office, let us unload our own bags as he went off into the office.

I had to sign a paper before I was given the key to our room.

He just pointed across the dark wet courtyard and said ‘your room over there’.

I asked him where we could get dinner and he gave me a photocopied menu for a place that would deliver if we phoned, and that was about it.

No other choices!

We trundled across and found our way into our room.

It was roomy, clean and tidy.

I phoned an order through, I was still not feeling great so was being a bit choosey as to what my stomach could tolerate.

When the order arrived about half an hour later I never thought to check it.

Upon opening I was upset to find that they had sent me a Ceasar Salad instead of the lightly battered fish & julienne vege entree,

I hate Ceasar Salad at the best of time but just looking at it turned my stomach over.

I phoned them to complain and he said he would see what he could do.

He phoned back a few mins later and said the driver had left for the night – as it was only 7:30pm I am sure that was only a ruse, but I was totally over it by then and told him to forget it.

Tim enjoyed the salad & his meal.

My stomach enjoyed the wedges & sour cream and 1/2 litre of tomato juice.

The other thing that annoyed me was that they advertised free wireless internet but I couldn’t access it despite phoning the office for a password.

The phone was answered by a child and as it was raining I just couldn’t be bothered going to the office to ask again.

We crashed out by 9:30pm only to be rudely awoken at 10:30pm by the slamming of a car boot and loud talking right outside our room.

I looked out to see what was happening and it was the Chinese owner guy.

You would think at that time of night the owner would at least have some thought for his own guests!!

So, if anyone reading this decides to stay a night near the Auckland airport,

Do Not stay at the Airport Travelair Motor Inn.

It is certainly not as it is advertised!!