June 2012 – Creative writing excrcises

I have started doing some creative writing with the children.

It is fun and they are really getting into it.

The rules are…

Just write!

Don’t worry about spelling or grammar – and hide the erasers (or rubbers as we in NZ call them)!!

Here are a few of what the children have produced in the past week.

Remembering that they have not done this before and that they are all at different stages in development, verbosity and creativity.

For this one they were given these three words to build their sentences around.

To begin with I only asked them to write a sentence, but some could not stop writing!!


Day 1 exercise

bath     streetlight     Poland

There was an Irish king who lived in Poland. He loved to have baths and dancing in the streetlights. One day he met a boy who liked peaches. The Irsih king had never eaten peaches before so he took a bite and then fell dead because the boy was an evil boy who wanted to be king. (Shoshannah)


It’s so cold in Poland at winter time.The streetlights make the snow sparkle like Silver (my horse) in the sun. My bath is so warm and soothing. When I wake up the bath is completely frozen over like a giant ice cube. I need to get my horse in the barn! (Mahalia)

I’m in the bath watching football. My sister comes in. I shout saying, ‘Get out!’
‘I’m just going to the toilet.’ she says. ‘What’s the score?’
‘England 15 – Poland zero.’
‘Yah!!’ We both scream.
‘Whats all the racket?’ Mum says.
‘We’re winning.’ we say in unison.
‘I told you not to use my laptop in the bathroom. But that is awesome.’
I run out to my room, quickly get dressed. I go skateboarding. The streetlight is very bright but no-one’s there so I go to dinner.


Day 2 exercise

blood     book     Switzerland     Penelope

Once upon a time there lived a king and a queen who ruled a peaceful and beautiful land called Paregarenga. The king and queen had a daughter (who was very ugly and vain) called Penelope. One day a very handsome duke from Russia came to Parengarenga, on the way he got attacked by some thieves who left him covered in bruises and blood. He was found by a poor old farmer from Switzerland who took him home to his farm. After a week or so he was all better. But he didn’t look so handsome and couldn’t bear to be seen by anyone, so he rode away to England and opened a book store. Penelope was having a hard time being so unattractive and all that so she decided to leave Parengarenga and went to England where she met the not so handsome duke. They fell in love, got married and went to live in Scotland. (Shoshannah)


I’m in my family’s rather large library. I’m reading about wolves. Suddenly a book came on top of me. The Simpsons Ultimate Comic Book (title).
Don’t need that.
Wonder how it got here?
There was a big storm in NZ.
Hope it wasn’t that.
More books started to fall.
Well…. speak of the devil, here it comes.
What’s that brick doing in the sky hhhhg…..youeh!
I see blood, lots of blood.
‘How is he doing?’ my sister says.
‘Well I thi–’
‘I’m awake.’ I interrupt.
‘Well it’s about time.’ my whole family say in unison.
‘Do you know how much it costs to get the whole family to Switzerland and then go to the most expensive doctors in town?’
‘No.’ I say. ‘Abo–’
‘Quite a lot of money.’ my dad interrupts my little brother.
Switzerland! Hospital! OMG!
I’m faint……  (Azzan)

I seem to have misplaced Mahalia’s story – will locate and add here soon.



Day 3 exercise

describe a door and then take one step inside and describe what you see

It’s so big.
It’s as tall as 20 of Seb.
Gold and shiny, 10 miles wide.
When you touch it your heart feels so warm.
There’s no fence but you can’t get in unless you answer 10 questions and then you have to go through a maze to find the dove that has the key.
I found the dove.
I’ve got the key.
But I don’t know what key hole to put it in.
Then I see it at the very top of the door.
The keyhole.
I almost jump with joy.
I open the door.
I almost faint, it’s……..
another door.
So I have to do everything again but this time my amazement is so overwhelmed. (Mahalia)


An old big black creepy door.
‘Is the house really haunted?’ I say to my friend Kayven.
‘Don’t know.’ he says, ‘but there’s one way to find out. Let’s go!
Camera? Check.
Salt? Check.
And finally torch and gun.
It smells musty.
It’s covered with rotting garlic one boy tasted once then died three weeks later.
‘Is it to keep a vampire in or out?’
As we opened the door shivers ran down our spines.
I turn the torch on as we go in.
We hear evil chuckles in the master bedroom.
‘Let’s get!’
We don’t have to go more than a couple of steps but as we run the torch dies.
We’re surrounded by such a darkness that we can’t tell our left from right.
Kayven shouts ‘Help!’
But it echoes so much that I can’t tell where it’s coming from.
I find the door but it’s locked.
I’m trapped in here with a chuckling monster. (Azzan)


Tall, proud and elegant it stands, the opening to a future. A green wreath of flowers, all purples, yellows and pinks surround it on the deep, dark cedarwood surface. Reaching out a soft white hand she knocks the knocer. The door opens. Inside are colourful walls decorated with elaborate tapestries. paintings of little newborn fawns, of great wide grassy plains, heards of buffalo roaming. Smells of sweet, savoury, cinnamon rolls and roasting chicken….


Azzan has really taken to this and asks me everyday to do some writing.

Here are a some of his stories he has written over the past couple of weeks.


Do Not Forget.

A colourful array – beautiful, fluffy, blue, yellow, red, green, smudgy papers drying above the fire. The beautiful fragrance of shaving foam embraces the house. The smell of deodorant surrounds me.

The fire is hot, too hot. I breath in the shower gel to over come the smell of rotting flesh. The war begins. I’ve been afraid of forgetting the amazing art that I have done through the years. The awful  smell of dying animals has spun through the air, knocking out my friend next to me. Or has he been hit? I cannot tell. It’s too late anyway. The animal wagon went down and the wall came down with it. The Germans have gotten to England. I nearly die from the dying bodies falling with the wall. I will never know how come the world can be so cruel.

The Darker World
Famine strikes the land killing many in its path. Causing many honest people to become murderers and stealers. The sea, red from the blood and skies black and heavy with smoke. Children running, hiding and screaming. Thunder is there waiting to scare you. Shouts of terror in the night. Wars in every country. Used weapons everywhere. Rotting arms and legs in pathways and streets. Friends and family torn limb from limb.  You feel cuts from behind but when you turn around there’s nothing but thin air.

Creatures such as the dinosaur extinct. Even the dog. Lucky to have just seconds of sunlight, a decade – but that’s only if you live longer than a decade. For the Chentan Kouie shall kill any younger than 13. Food and water not plentiful yet the vegetables have been rotting in unbelievable numbers. Lucky for me that my 18th birthday is today. But how lovely can a birthday be when seeing chariots ruining houses. And the rats are getting enough food, but not you.

Why, oh why is life so hard. Crying yourself to sleep every 365 days of each year. And ten years in each decade, and ten decades in each century………

Sailing with Jacques Cousteau

Hey there! I’ve just come back from an adventure I’ll never forget. Let me tell you.
Sailing in the boat that Jacques Cousteau sailed – the Calypso! I found that the name was a little bit funny for it’s actually a goddess from Greek mythology who lived on an island.  It’s also the name of a sea goddess from Pirates Of The Caribbean who falls in love with Davie Jones.
But the most amazing thing here is that I have just come from the captain’s seat that Jacques Cousteau had sat on for so many years. I’ve got all his dvds, cds & books so htis was my dream adventure of a lifetime.
Now, back to my adventure.
I won a competition. Out of all the thousands of people who entered, I won!
The prize was to sail on the Calypso II to Antarctica with the original Calypso crew, but not Jacques Cousteau as he had died a few years earlier.
I boarded the ship in Picton.
Before we started on our way to Antarctica we stocked on supplies – food, warm blankets, water, warm clothes and red hats to support Jacques.

I have frequently been on the docks in England but NZ was a strange country to me. Everything was a new and wonderful experience.
As we left Picton and sailed out into the Cook Strait suddenly there was a cry from above. Dolphins! Dolphins!  I rushed up onto the deck. It was most breathtaking. A large school of small dolphins!! But that was nothing compared to the wondrous display we saw later from the pod of orca we encountered as we sailed down the east coast.

There were orcas killing helpless seals. We stopped to fish for lunch. One of us caught a 15kg kingfish. As that was enough to feed us all for lunch and dinner we didn’t bother fishing any longer.  As we steam further south we saw a huge great white shark following behind. It was watching us keenly. But there was no need to fear as sharks don’t like eating humans. We just had to stay out of the water just in case it mistook us for seals or decides it wants our catch for a meal.

After eating all that kingfish I went for a rest along with half the crew. But I guess nothing lasts long, soon we heard shouts that there was black coral nearby. I hoped the shark was no longer following us as the divers and I prepared to put on our aqualungs and go explore the coral beds. We took cameras to record the beauty we saw. We all look cautiously for signs of blood. Suddenly we saw something red. The shark had attacked a large fish nearby. We all ascended to the surface very quickly and cautiously.

As we travelled through the Antarctic ice flows we met up with a very fierce wind. We were very glad we had brought all the extra warm clothing and food with us because the temperatures dropped considerably and we endured a horrendous snowstorm. Once it cleared it was safe to take the inflatable boat and land on one of the beaches. We visited colonies of Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins. We walked on further through the snow, over a ridge and came face to face with some Emporer Penguins. It was great. I had never seen penguins before in my life.

to be continued….


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