Tuesday 26th June





We spent the morning doing school work.

Muscles for some reason are a lot more to take in than bones!

Maybe because they are seemingly more complex it is harder to understand.

Or, maybe..

the children were just not in the zone to be concentrating for too long!


Talking about zones…

Azzan was engrossed on the computer and I had to call him several times before he responded.

Later on he said to me,

‘I’m sorry I didn’t hear you calling me. It’s just that when I am on the computer I am in a different zone to you and I don’t hear you.’

So that explains it – I must remember for another time to alter my zone when calling him laughing


 I find interesting revealing photos on the children’s cameras and phones!

We have two cats.

They are not inside cats.

Well at least I know they are not inside cats.

No one else does!!
Especially Tim.

Jynx goes walkabout every few weeks.

Just disappears for days or weeks and then reappears without even an explanation.

Quite indifferent to the fact that he is causing consternation to Tim.

So when he reappears Tim is overjoyed to see him and allows him to rule the roost again!!!

And when Jynx is back he joins Mo in finding the most unusual places to sleep.

This time we found them in the laundry washtub!!


Mahalia & Sophie have spent every moment possible this past week with Olly.

They pack a picnic after lunch and then go riding.

First they have to find him as he follows his nose foraging and it depends on where his nose leads him as to where he might be each day.

Tim was very amused and came home telling me that Sophie has discovered a great way to get on board when they don’t have a saddle or step.

He is over 16 hands and they are not that tall yet to mount him easily!!

They feed him something and while he has his head down grazing she shimmies up his neck – ingenious young lady laughing


I am now wondering how much of the packed lunch the girls actually eat and how much Olly gets fed winky

It is great for Halia to have a friend to visit – especially one who loves horse as much as she does.


I have been helping where I can to get Anson & Marah ready for Australia.

They were on countdown.

Marah has been a mixture of excitement and nerves.

She is looking forward to the adventure but it is all new to her so there is a certain amount of trepidation.

Anson has been there and done it so many times now he just takes it all in his stride.

They had a list and spent the last few days at home working through it.


I found a mystery bruise on my inner thigh.

Most bizarre as I cannot remember getting a knock there.

It is rather large and getting more impressive each day.


Tim and I went to bed and watched a movie called ‘Hanna‘.

Most intriguing, with a twist that wasn’t revealed till almost the end which made it rather thought provoking .





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