Wednesday 27th June




We had a busy day ahead so I allocated jobs to everyone and forgot academics for the day.

Shanni finished cleaning and making beds in the wwoofers hut.

Mahalia & Sophie cleaned the pantry and refilled containers for me so we could see what groceries I needed to get.

Azzan was on folding washing – his favourite chore – not!

Actually the folding is okay but he hates to put it all away, so obviously needs practise winky

I prepared all the veges for dinner and sorted out the fridges etc.

Anson & Marah’s last day at home so they cleaned out their cupboards and fridge and brought around all the food.

I got the girls to finish packing their bags and when A&M came back in the arvo Anson got he Safari all packed up ready for an early get away.

I also had a lot of paper work and organising to do for town etc so that kept me occupied for the day.


Anson & Marah came and had dinner with us because their cupboards were now empty.

It was a lovely meal and enjoyable time together.

I know the 6 months will fly but we are really going to miss them both.

The children found some hats and decided they had to model them for some last at home photos.

Of course Anson acted up as per normal laughing

Azzan in for a last smoochey Marah cuddle.

We had a 6am leaving deadline so we were not too late in cleaning up and heading off to bed.

My alarm was set for 5am.

I woke and saw the bathroom light on and door partially open.

I thought Shanni was up already so I got out of bed and turned on the light and started getting my bag and clothes sorted.

I finally went to the bathroom and found it was empty.

I zipped into the study to turn off my alarm and was most confused to see it was only 2:45am!

I crashed back into bed and was very glad two hours later that I had left the alarm on or I would’ve slept through.

Discovered in the morning that Sophie had gotten up and couldn’t find her way back to bed so left the light on bummed







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