Friday 29th June





I was woken at 5am by my alarm.

I had forgotten to delete it bummed

Tried going back to sleep.

That didn’t work so I sat up in bed and tried to keep warm while doing some computer catch up.

I all of a sudden remembered that I had forgotten to tell Anson to meet Jesika at Macca’s outside the terminal when they arrived in Melbourne and so I wrote her a hurried email apologizing for not passing on the message and hoping they had met up alright.

I had run out of internet time midweek so hadn’t been able to do a lot of anything and was way behind in blogging.

So the few extra hours of my day I hadn’t counted on were utilized well.

When I left the house before 9am the car windows were iced over.

Hadn’t realised it was actually that cold till then.

So had to run back inside and get some water to deice them.

Then I was off into town.

Got my frappaccino and then to my 9:15am therapy session.

From there my day got busier and busier.


I can now say why I have had so much extra office work to do lately.

When we got back from Australia Tim and another guy shook hands on a boat sale.

In their minds they had sealed the deal.


that left me dealing with the bank, accountant, lawyers, boat agent, insurance, etc etc

It has increased my stress levels considerably but I have handled it pretty well.

Only had one complete melt down in the past month so things are looking up winky

The sale was finalised and the money paid last night!!

So it is all now go.

Along with Anson & Cat we are the owners of a 13m mussel barge which goes by the auspicious name of ‘Tardis’.

We now have to get it to work – and work hard!!


Anyway, because it was all now signed sealed and delivered, I had to zip around and chase up printers etc to get the necessary stationary done, and done fast.

I had been talking to the printing house a week back and the guy knew it was urgent and yet I never received the quote until this morning.

Then when I went to see him he wasn’t working today.

I was not happy at all the delays so the ladies got someone else onto it and they had the proofs ready to view only a couple of hours later.


This all added somewhat considerably to the stress levels in my day, and as I had not gotten a lot of sleep for two nights in a row I was getting tireder and tireder as the day wore on.

I did manage to process everything and also still have time to stop and have lunch with my dear friend Sally.

After not seeing each other for absolutely ages we got to hang out twice in less than 24 hours.

We met up in Stoke at Crusoe’s Cafe & Bar.

They appear to have changed hands since I was last there and wow! do they put on a great fed.

I ordered fresh home smoked salmon and as they were still smoking it there was a small delay so I ordered some of their battered onion rings to nibble on as I was starving.

They were totally to die for – the batter was so light and crisp.

Just the absolute best ever!

Sally ordered the hamburger and was warned not too because the owner said she would never finish it.

She proved them wrong laughing

My salmon salad was delicious and very filling.

I didn’t have to eat for the rest of the day.

They had free wi-fi there so I checked my mail and did some banking.

While we were eating i got a reply email from Jesika.

Yeah it was a pretty stressful night. I was waiting at Macca’s for hours and had been trying to call him on his 2 phones but both weren’t working so I had no idea what to do. Thankfully around midnight I got a call from the bro who had finally found a pay phone so we were able to meet up.

We eventually got home at about 1-2am and had dinner which was now stone cold. But oh well what can you do when your mother forgets small minor details like that!’

 I was so upset that I didn’t read it properly and sent off a quick apology

‘Oh dear – I am soooo sorry.
I wish you had text me again.
I had such a frantic day and I honestly never registered your text about maccas or I would have remembered I hadn’t told him.

Maybe in future Anson might learn to communicate directly with you instead of through me  :-/

Hope my pressie softens the frustration xxxxxxx’



Sally & I finally had to say goodbye and head off to get on with our afternoon chores.

I was in Stoke when I received a text from Jesika.

‘Keep ya hair on Ma it’s all good. Just getting in a spot of fishing before I leave lol!

Anson called me from Chch cuz flight was delayed an hr so I told him then myself.
Got home just after 8pm.’

‘You are such a brat!!!’

‘I know! But you love me anyway haha!’


Don’t you just love kids?
They never fail to entertain and stress you right out!!

You wait Jesika – I will get you back when you are least expecting it laughing


Got through the rest of my list and then headed into the city.

I had told Mahalia I would call her friend’s mother when I was finished so she would know when to bring her to meet us.

I was so incredibly embarrassed to find that the girls had rearranged things and Lily had been delivered at midday.

That meant she had taken the day off school and her mother had to take an hour off work to drive her there.

I was so not impressed whatevah

The girls got a serious talking to when I picked them up.


We picked up some dinner for them at the supermarket then drove out to Seb’s.

The girls zapped their frozen meals and ate them while I talked with Nathan, Phoebe & Seb.

The guys had been doing some mechanical boys stuff on Nathan’s new scooter and Phoebe was busy in the garden.

She had done heaps – it is going to look great once they get it all under control.

Nathan had to head in to work so made is way out the drive between vehicles and pile of weeds.

Nice to have a small maneuverable machine!!


It was getting dark and very cold so we left at 6pm.

Had a pretty zippy drive in.

Got home at 8:30pm.

Our new wwoofer, Nicola, had arrived and Azzan had been getting her helping him with cleaning up.

He had sorted out all the cutlery and utensil drawers and was so proud of how tidy they were.

He had also moved furniture around.

I was very glad to fall into a warm comfy bed.

Two rather long days and two very short nights = one very tired Me!








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