Thursday 28th June




We were all loaded in the Safari ready to go pick up Anson & Marah when they arrived.

So we were gone by 6am as I had planned.

We had a good trip out except for the two little girls who were sitting right in the very back and were not traveling too good.

They swapped places with Shanni and Anson’s pack and were fine after that.

We got to town at 8:30am.

Stopped in at Starbucks to get some sustenance.

I left Anson & Marah to go see the lawyer and bank manager, and dropped Sophie off home.

Then we did a couple of small jobs before picking up A&M again.

We went to Victory Square Cafe and had a lovely spot of whanau time over delicious scones and drinks.

Nathan, Seb & Phoebe joined us which was great.

Seb had finished work early so was able to get back in time to join the farewell team.

It was a pleasant interlude in the rather busy day.

We soon had to get back on track again though as the morning was disappearing.

Seb & Phoebe took Mahalia & Anson and went via Mega Centre so Anson could get some last minute stuff.

I took Marah back to sign papers at the lawyers, Shanni zipped up the street to get hot spuds for her and Halia’s lunch while I drove around the block and picked up Nathan.

He left his scooter near his 1pm appointment place and Seb took him back there later.

Once I had them all on board we drove over to Tahuna and met up with the possum fur buyer.

Shani was absolutely delighted at the cheque she received for her fur.

We met up with the others at the airport.

Anson & Marah had a wee bit of last minute packing to do.

And then they checked in.

Just a wee tad of excess luggage to pay for but that was expected.

Shearers gear does weigh heavy!

Can you tell someone is rather excited winky

We had about half an hour to wait so hung out in the cafe.

The guys had some files to transfer so they were engrossed in the computer.

Glen & Tik arrived to say their goodbyes too.

Glen joined the blokes table

And Tik hung out with the girls!

Their flight was called so there were last hugs all around several times over pleased

And the travelers were on their way – off on their big adventure into the Land of Oz!!

We will miss them heaps but the 5 months will fly fast and especially seeing as they will be back briefly for the wedding in Sept!!

I had to move it as we had appointments to get to.

I dropped the girls off for Halia’s harp lesson and as Shanni’s appointment was nearby she walked down to it and then Halia walked there to wait for me after her lesson.

I shot into town and had my hair cut.

I was getting so woolblind it was quite a relief to have it done.

Then I picked up the girls, dropped them off at Winnington’s and zipped back into town for my next session at Nelson Beauty.

The massage and facial was divine and so needed by this time of the non-stop day.

After my lusciously relaxing session there I had to go back and drop of Shanni’s lunch – she had made it to take on the bus the next day.

Then I drove out to Speight’s Ale House to meet up with some other mothers.

It was out Home Ed Mum’s Night out.

Hadn’t had one in a while so it was really great to get together.

It was a small gathering but in some ways better cuz we all got to socialise more easily.

We were very comfy in the corner couches by the fire.

Lovely and cosy and the food was really good too.

I got back to Seb & Phoebe’s after 10pm.

It was rather a chilly night so I was very glad of a hottie when I climbed into my bed.

It was a jam packed day but it all flowed quite easily with hardly any stress.





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