Wednesday 25th July




Tim was up early so he could take the truck and trailer to Hira.

He left it ready in the hope that someone will take pity on him after his op and take him home real quick!!

He hitched a ride back in with a friend and then he and I drove into the city.

Tim left me at my 9am therapy appointment and went off to do some last minute chores.

I had taken a copy of this poem which I had found to share with my counselor.

She read it back to me and it hit me why I had liked it so much.

He was writing about me!

Needless to say after my very fragile week I had a very emotional session.


Mandy arrived to pick me up so I drove her into town while she talked on her phone.

Of course we ended up at Starbucks.

As Mahalia cheekily commented ‘I should have guessed!’


Phoebe arrived soon after we had gotten our drinks, with the kids.

They took money and headed off to find the morning teas they each wanted.

Then Tim arrived.

We chatted a while before getting the kids bags and farewelling the others.


Tim had to be at the hospital by midday so we went straight there.

I went up to admissions to suss out the schedule and find out when I could return etc.

He was 3rd on the theatre list and had around 3 hours to wait whatevah

He was happy to sit and read so I left him and took the kids to quickly get lunch and find a hire movie.

I had a massage booked for 1pm.

As we headed out to Bishopdale we were passed by 2 ambulances and a police car speeding through the traffic with lights and sirens blazing.

It always makes my stomach lurch when this happens as I am thinking of the poor souls who are injured or worse.

We found out later that it was an awful accident at the timber mill where my cousin works.


I went to the old address of the massage place, didn’t know she had shifted, so thankfully I was there early!

Because of road works w had to wend our way around back roads to get to her new place but managed to arrive on time.

She was really lovely and let the kids watch their movie on her large screen in her house instead of sitting in the car watching it on my laptop.

They were delighted.


Renee gave me a wonderful 90 minute therapeutic massage.

It was wonderful.

The kids movie finished at the same time so we were quickly on our way out to Richmond to meet Andrea.

She gave Azzan his piano lesson first then Russell arrived to take him home.

He is spending a few days with Asher.

After Mahalia’s lesson she sat in the car and watched some of her move.

Andrea and I talked.

She is such a precious friend.

During the day I had gotten much needed emotional therapy, massage therapy and Andrea gave me hug therapy and the some prayer therapy before I left heart

It was just after 5pm.

I had a good run through the traffic back to the city and arrived at Starbucks a few minutes before closing and got a very needed double caffeine shot in my caramel frappaccino.

Mahalia and I popped up to our mail depot the Winningtons to pick up a heap of parcels that had accumulated over the past few weeks.

I called the hospital to get an update on Tim, but he was still not back from recovery.

We went and did some grocery shopping and then phoned again.

He was still not back but was expected in around 30 minutes.

I took Mahalia back to Phoebe’s and had a quick munch on some chicken before heading back into see Tim.

I arrived at 8pm.

His brother Martin was waiting, Tim was still not back in the ward.

Finally about 10mins later he was wheeled through.

It was a horrid feeling to see my darling one out cold on the bed.

They asked us to wait for a few minutes while they got him sorted.

Finally I was allowed to go visit.

He was just coming to and was very pleased to see me.

Martin came in and chatted for a wee while before leaving us alone.

It was really lovely that he had made the effort to come visit.

Tim had a lovely Scottish nurse who had previously been through similar surgery so she was very informative and just lovely to him.

I checked out Tim’s charts to just see exactly what it was they had done to him.

His specialist is a very serious young Chinese guy.

Apparently the best in the game and he had described to us what he would do and the possible side effects – which were rather concerning.

So technically speaking this is what they did to him.

A bilateral frontal sinus traephination & washout, FESS, septoplasty.

Tim was really pleased that despite all the packing in his nose he could actually breath with his mouth shut.

He hasn’t been able to do that in a very long time.


I stayed with him till after 9:30pm.

He didn’t want me to leave but as 9pm was the hospital curfew, and I was getting very tired and hungry I finally had to go.

Phoebe & Mahalia were watching a movie so I had a delicious dinner of roast chicken and pumpkin & feta salad.

Finally got Hali off to bed after 11pm and then Phoebe and I sat and talked – until far too late!

It’s too easy after a busy emotionally charged day to sit and relax for too long winky







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