Thursday 26th July





I had been instructed to call the hospital at 9am to get a discharge time for Tim.

They told me to come up at 11am.

So I zipped on into town to do some shopping.

Mahalia & Phoebe arrived in an hour later.

We visited Curves to see what they could offer us.

Then I left the girls to be girly and I went off to pick up Tim.

Got up there to find he had just had a shower and his nurse wanted him to rest a while before getting dressed.

So she said to come back in an hour.

I tore off over to Tahunanui and picked up a big load of mussel harvesting bags that the guys are going to need very shortly.

They were quite weighty and made driving interesting.

Just had time to get out to Super Cheap Autos to pick up some more stuff for Tim before heading back to the hospital.

Tim’s nurse was still not too happy about him leaving but he had the Drs discharge notes so he was going!

She took him down to the main entrance in a wheelchair and parked him up to wait for me.

The first time I arrived I had gotten a park close to the entrance but this time I had to park way down the hill.

Typical whatevah

I got the Terrano and loaded him in and we trundled off to get his meds from the pharmacy before driving out to Phoebe & Seb’s.

I got him settled in, gave him some lunch and left him to rest while I shot back into town for a 2pm appointment.

After all the running around it was nice to stop and lie back for an hour and enjoy a facial and manicure.

When I arrived back at the house it was like entering a man cave.

Tim was entertaining – or was being entertained by – his bro Martin, his cousin Phillip, his son Nathan, and my cousin David!

Phoebe had wisely taken herself off to the bedroom for a rest.

They say laughter is the best medicine and there surely was a lot of that happening.

They all finally headed off about 4:30pm.

Mahalia & I had to go back to town too to get her harp string replaced.

We did some quick shopping and bought Tim a lovely new cuddly warm blue dressing gown and some sheepskin slipper.

He reckons he didn’t need them but he has been wearing them ever since.

I think he actually quite likes them.

Mahalia also got some boot slippers.

We picked up the harp from Annemieke’s and then whizzed back to the house for dinner.

Seb had arrived back from work and left pretty much straight away for jujitsu so we waited for him to get home so we could all eat together.

Tim was very happy to fall into bed straight after dinner.

I went in a couple of minutes later and he was out cold!







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