Saturday 28th July




We had a nice slow morning.

Sebastian was up and gone to jujitsu around 10.

We pottered about.

Tim rested.

 Had more pain attacks in his eyes – that seems to be the worst part of his post op effects at this point.

I kept the many loads of washing going through the machine & dryer throughout the day.

There’s always heaps more when Seb arrives back from work.

I had to pick up some things from Kathmandu, so I ducked into town for a wee while.

Tim went back to bed for a sleep.

Best thing for him.

Later in the afternoon Nathan came to visit.

It has been lovely this week to have the children coming and going.

Especially the ones we don’t get to see very often.

Tim was rather anxious about getting the harvest bags labeled but he was under strict instructions not to lift, bend forward so Nathan & Seb lugged them inside and then Phoebe did the labeling for him – under close instruction winky

Phoebe cooked a delicious dinner.

I was rather weary but I had said I would go to my friend’s house warming party.

So after dinner I tidied myself up to presentable and then drove out to Richmond.

It was a lovely evening.

Becky has made a good move and has a lovely new home for her and her children.

So good to help her celebrate that pleased

When I left she was dancing her wee heart out.

Go Becky!!


I stopped off at the service station on the way back to pick up some newspapers because the article on home education that I was interviewed for was in it.

It was very late and the first time I have fueled up when the check out is behind security glass.

It was kinda freaky with several young hoonish types coming and going while I was there.

I felt rather vulnerable bummed

I bought the papers and headed back to the house.

Seb & Phoebe were watching a movie and Tim was in bed.

I had quite a lot of internet stuff I had to do so stayed up late to get some of it done.

It is frustrating at home to be on such a limited amount or bandwidth so great to be able to use Seb’s when I can.

Anyway, here is the link to the article.

I was actually pleased with the final results.

He did a good job happy

The online version does not give all the photos so I have scanned these two photos from the hard copy of

Mahalia & Annemieke,

and myself – waxing eloquently – or verbosely would be more like it!!







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