Sunday 29th July




Seb & Phoebe headed off to church.

I left Tim to potter around the house and rest for the day.

Picked up Mahalia at 10:30 and got her some breakfast before dropping her off at her harp lesson.

I went grocery shopping.

Picked her up and we drove out to Brightwater.

We were going to our friend’s unveiling at the Mt Heslington cemetery.

So hard to believe it is a year since Nick left us.


We were there early so had time to go visit my friend Kathee.


It was a grey, cold, windy, murky day.

But at least the rain held off.

I was very glad of my warm jacket and had been trying to get Mahalia to add an extra one but she braved it out – her wonderful bright colours brightening the bleak day.

Soon everyone began arriving and the proceedings were underway.

It really is a wonderful place for a cemetery, fabulous expanses of our Maker’s creation around us to calm the soul.

It was an easy ceremony with a couple of songs.

I wished I had been able to record the singing.

Sally has such an amazing voice – so powerful, she has need of microphones.

Here is the hymn sung in Maori – not nearly as amazing as hearing Sally sing – but very beautiful nevertheless.

E te Ariki, 

Whakarongo mai ra ki a matou,

E te Ariki Titiro mai ra ki a matou,

Te nei matou O tamariki,

E whakapono ana matou Ki a koe


Aue! Aue!

Te Matua, te Tamaiti, .Wairua tapu e

Te Matua, te Tamaiti, .Wairua tapu e

Oh my God, Listen to the cry of your children

Oh my God,

Look down upon us your children

Here we are, all together

And we worship and we say

That we love you


Alleluia, Alleluia

The father, and the Son

And  the comfort of the Holy Ghost

The father, and the Son

And  the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

Tony officiated at Nick’s funeral last year and he led this day too which was lovely.

I love this photo of Kashana’s eyes – so bright – Sally’s beautiful daughter heart

Jackson helped his mother take off the covering


Tony blessed the stone and explained the significance of the greenstone on it etc.

Sally’s Mum & Dad.

Sally found this beautiful piece of marble on top of Takaka Hill.

It was all covered in dirt and not yet a thing of beauty, but the heart shape could be seen.

The stone mason has uncovered the beauty that was hidden.


Afterwards a tree was planted in Nick’s memory.

Oops! Jackson’s lovely purple shoes have got mud all under them. 

Not a good look for a trendy lad winky

Azzan went for a wander.

The cemetery is really old and it was very interesting for a young lad to check out.

He was sad at the young ages on some of the graves.

We all went back to the local church hall for afternoon tea.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Sally spoke before we all left.

She did so well.

I don’t think there was a dry eye in the whole hall.

I love this photo with her and the children.

The cross is hanging in just the right place happy


I had to go looking for Mahalia when I was ready to leave as she had gone off with all the other young ladies.

We headed back into Nelson.

Spent an hour or so packing up the Terrano.

Mahalia opted to stay with Phoebe for the rest of the week which meant we could fit all of our stuff in.

We had a good trip in with Azzan curled up on the back seat in a wee corner, stuff kept on falling on top of him as we went around corners, but he survived!


Shanni was watching a movie when we got home but took a break to help Azzan and me unload the Terrano.

Tim is not allowed to lift yet so he was told to sit back and rest.

He was happy to do that because Jynxie had returned home and he hadn’t seen his pussy cat for a few weeks winky





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