Monday 30th July




I had a very slowish day.

In fact so slow that I never got dressed at all.

I was pottering around in the study keeping warm and catching up on mail.

Was planning to have a spa but Azzan went out for one first and came back inside quite disgusted.

The spa had gotten very low while we were away and it had turned the heating off and was cold and dirty.

Shanni said that it had been making some weird noises but as she didn’t know what to do she didn’t do anything – right whatevah

I’m hoping nothing has gotten stuffed up in the meantime.

I turned it off and asked Azzan to empty it.

He wasn’t terribly forthcoming with energy so not a lot happened in his department either.

Tim just pottered about for the morning.

He had a good sleep in the arvo.

Shanni cooked dinner which was lovely.

I finally decided to have a bath in the late arvo.

Lay back and wallowed enveloped in hot purple bathsalts & read my book – delicious happy

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Tim had come in and dropped a beautiful stalk of Daphne on my chest.

It has such a strong scent – absolutely gorgeous.

He always brings me the first Daphne of the season – his wee bit of romance heart


I got out of the bath but stayed in my dressing gown – hardly worth getting dressed at that time of day!

It was actually quite nice to fall into bed reasonably early for a change.









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