Tuesday 21st August




Tim and I struggled out of bed and got ourselves to our breakfast date at Melrose House Cafe by 9am.

We spent a very enjoyable hour over breakfast there.

Nice to have time for just us to talk things over without interruption.

Unfortunately the day was disappearing into busyness all to quickly so we had to make haste.

Headed down to Tailors Menswear so Tim could get his new suit altered.

The lady there was very helpful and was determined to get it just right so it did take some time.

Finally at 11:15 Tim headed off to Wakefield to deliver a dinghy for Cat that she had sold and pick up some hay for the horse.

I whizzed over to visit with John & Sally.

It was very lovely sitting in the sun with them chewing the fat and tossing ideas around.

We had a 1pm appointment with Nathan & some other folk so I got back into the city in time for that.

However Tim was held up so we had to start without him.

He eventually arrived about half an hour later.

We were in the meeting for nearly 2 hours.

I was pretty wrung out by the end of it so was glad to be heading off to do other things.

I picked up Azzan from Chrissy and Mahalia from Sophie’s.

Go them some baked potatoes to eat on their way home.

We went down to the slipway and found Tim & Noel hard at it on the ‘Tardis’ winky

It is up on the hard getting some maintenance done – painting etc.

Seb, Nathan & Phoebe were down here on Saturday helping Noel & Mandy anti foul the bottom.

It all looks very nice now – shame it will be hidden by the water!

The important parts looking lovely and shiny.

I clambered up the ladder in my high heels to have a look.

Looks very bare without all the gear on board.

And in the shed the new piece of machinery was being gotten ready.


I left Tim to take M&A home.

I had to zip back to John’s to pick up some papers and then out to Richmond to spend some time educating Ross winky

We had a few hours to suss out some of the business stuff.

I finally left at 8pm, grabbed some Chinese takeaways and got back to share it with Phoebe.

We did plan to have an early night but ended up skyping with Jesika until 2am again shocked











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