Friday 24th & Saturday 25th August





It was so, so, so wonderful to be home and to have the spa fixed and hot, and to be able to soak my weary bones in it before beginning my day.

There was a mountain of washing to put through.

Thankfully the day was fine and we could get most of it on the line.


I got the children to help and also do some music practise.

Mahalia & Tim ‘persuaded’ Olly to move further up the hill for fresh feed by moving some fallen pine branches and putting hay up there to entice him.

It seems to have worked.


I was planning to have an arvo nap as I was rather weary but that didn’t happen.

I did have a lovely long chat with Joy.

Hadn’t caught up with her since she returned from her trip to Europe.


Bruce arrived down with his grandson and a Czech wwoofer.

They stayed the night at The Croft.

Tim took them out to get some fish and mussels before dinner so they were very happy chaps.

Bruce is very generous with his pears and apples so it is great to be able to reciprocate


Shanni cooked a mince and vege dish for dinner and served it with pasta.

She’s a gun wee cook and I really appreciate her getting loose in the kitchen these days.


I took myself off to bed quite early.



Saturday 25th August


I am reading a really interesting book.

I picked it up at the library when getting books for Shanni.

It is by Jenny Pattrick and is called ‘Inheritance‘.

It is a very intriguing book – I couldn’t put it down.

I read in the spa this morning for a hour or more and then curled up by the fire and read it some more while I ate my lunch.

The Samoan history is fascinating.

So much I did not know.


I did some Maths with Mahalia & Azzan.

Shanni worked away at her own school work.

I took myself off to bed at midday and turned off my phone and told the kids that no one was to disturb me unless they were dying!!

I was reading my book before falling to sleep when I heard my phone vibrate.

It was Jesika wanting to skype the children.

So I got up and turned it on and called the kids in to talk to their big sister.

She had some exciting news for them.

All will be revealed soon winky


I finally got back to bed about an hour and a half later and tried to sleep.

I think I dozed a bit but it certainly wasn’t a restful sleep.

Tim took the tractor up the hill and spent the day clearing off the slip.

He is hoping that the rain that is forecast will wash a lot of the sludgy mud away.


I had asked Mahalia & Azzan to do some weeding in the flower garden and they were happy to do that.

They made a great start while I was in bed.

Mahalia weeded the triangle garden and planted some of her wee flowers in the top narrow bed.

And Shanni pruned back the very prolific flowering creeper on the arch.

It has a tendency to creep very quickly when we are not watching and it covers the kowhai tree on the other side and tries to entwine itself in through the house claddings.

Then they went around to see the horse before getting the washing in.


I had lunch after I got up a few hours later.

Bruce and his crew left to head home as there is more rain coming.

Shanni organised dinner.

The roast chicken hadn’t been turned on so we will have to have that tomorrow.

Thankfully there was enough leftovers from last night to satisfy everyone.

I had to make a few phone calls so did that and now am off to bed.

Am hoping that a good night’s sleep will put me back into gear so I can function a bit better tomorrow.






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