A few cards I made over the past week




Sometimes background papers are just too pretty to cover up too much so I like to work with them and show off the parts I like best.

The birds below are so cute I made the card revolve around them.

This was a fun one I made out of the leftover background I made for Mahalia.

Haven’t got too many kids cards in my stash so it will be put to good use one day happy

This is a very special card for a very special person.

I was thrilled with it and cant wait to give it.

Mahalia wanted me to help her make a card for her best friends birthday.

So if any of Sophie’s family are reading this you are not to say a word – you hear!!!

She chose all the stamps & papers and asked me to help make it.

But then it was ‘can you do it Mum?

You make such cool cards and you make it look so professional.

Well, how can you refuse such buttering up like that?

So we talked about how to use the stamps and she chose the colours etc and then I produced it.

Then she lost interest and left me to it.

She was absolutely rapt with how I did the inside of the card pleased






2 thoughts on “A few cards I made over the past week

  1. You did such a good job on the cards I am going to copy a few if that is okay with you.  We do card making the first Monday evening of every month or I should say we try too.Blessings, christie

  2. @Shepherdsfold – I don’t mind if you use them for ideas – but it is always far better to just provide the materials to people and then let them create originally. Far more satisfaction. There are many card making magazines and websites. I tend to look and get ideas but then mine just happen from what I have around me and therefore are totally original

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