Sunday 26th & Monday 27th August





A day of resting, reading and a spot of eating.

Not too much else happened.




Tim & Shanni went up to do the trapline.

Azzan came back with this wee critter.

It’s a shame they are so cute whatevah

Tim and the children brought down a truck load of firewood.

The kids unloaded it into the woodbin.

Azzan was having his own private party once they had finished.

The girls were still unloading the last wheel barrow full.

Mahalia’s flowers are beginning to bloom so she is very happy.

Now the days are less wet and the sun is shining more often the girls are getting busy in the garden.

Shanni has a lot of seedlings sprouting on my windowsill in the sun.

Mahalia has discovered that weeding the flower garden is actually quite enjoyable and she has been working away out there.


Tim helped Mahalia trim Olly’s hoofs.

That took quite a while but she announced that he was the best hoof trimmer ever, and Olly behaved himself.

So that was all good.


I was getting ready for town and also spent a few days making cards when I had some moments.

We also did some school work.

Azzan is racing through his maths book and Mahalia is beginning her new one.







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