Tuesday 28th August




I was up at 4:45am and drove to town for a full day of appointments.

Tim drove up to Graham’s with me and then drove the Terrano over the slip and greasy patches.

He was concerned that it would be too slippery for me.

It was really lovely of him to do that but it was still pitch black when I left him and he never had a torch so I was a bit worried about how he was going to see his way back.

But he wasn’t concerned so I left him to find his way.

Arrived at 8:30 and managed to get several things crossed off my list.

Then I spent the next 2.5hours at Renaissance.

Hitomi is an absolutely magic award winner with hair colouring and she transformed me from blah to amazing pleased

Then it was off to do a few more things before an hour with Julie at Nelson Beauty Therapy.

Nothing like a massage and facial to revitilise oneself.


I just had time to go collect Tim’s suit from the tailors at 2pm before meeting up with Chrissy at Yello Cafe next door.

I was starving by then so wolfed down a plate of roasted veges and a hot chocolate.

Then I had to zoom across town to the orthodontist to meet up with Nathan.

I was there in plenty of time and thought he was following close behind.

But the appointment time came and went and he never arrived.

I was getting a tad distressed when he finally called to say he couldn’t start his scooter.

By the time I realised he was walking he was there so they took the next person in and we went second so all was not lost.

Except that I did have a 4pm counseling session booked and time was ticking.

So we heard all the orthodontist had to say and then took off at a rate of knots.

Decisions can be made later!

I had just received a call from the Vodafone guy to say I could come pick up my new wifi units so I took a diversion in my route, dropped Nathan off in town, zoomed in and grabbed the wifis and managed to get back over to counseling just in time.

Nothing like a couple of spanners to get dropped into the works to throw the day out of kilter.

But I handled it all pretty well and managed to not get too stressed – well done me winky


From there I had time to zip over to Starbucks before it closed , meet up with Nathan again & get a frappacino.

Then I fueled up the Terrano, drove around the block and got myself some Chinese takeaways and then went up to visit with Mandy & Noel while I ate my dinner.


Finally left around 8pm, stopping briefly to zoom into the supermarket to get a drink to see me home and of course came out with a trolley full of stuff!


Had a good drive home.

Alexander Rybak entertained me most of the way.

He is very happy, entertaining and also poignantly sad in places.

A great CD to listen to.

Everyone was asleep when I got back so I unloaded what I needed to and fell into bed too.




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