Friday 31st August





Tim & I were barely awake when a tall figure loomed through our ranch slider at 5:30am with his head torch shining in our faces.

‘Hey Dad! Where’s the keys to the gun rack?’

Yes, it was Seb, wanting to head out hunting again.


He and Thomas went out for an early morning stroll and came back empty handed.

In the meantime the rest of us got on with waking to our day.

The guys arrived back in time to have breakfast with us.

Then they went out with Tim on the boat to do some mussel work.

It was such a beautiful day that Phoebe and I decided to go for a wee drive.

She and Seb were planning to leave that arvo and she really wanted to have a decent look at Waterfall Bay as the last time over there was fairly fleeting.

I left the kids with instructions on what I expected them to achieve while I was gone.

You can always dream eh?


I had a play with my new camera and got this cool panoramic shot looking westward over French Pass towards the Nelson Ranges in the distance which were sporting a fresh coating of snow.


We had a bit of a browse around the WB garden and house etc so Phoebe could get a feel of the place and then headed back up the hill.

Stopped in to visit with Margot and Peter who were down at their bach for a few days.

Nice to catch up with them as we don’t see them very much.

The day was absolutely glorious.

We got back up to the top of the hill around midday and the sun was glistening on the sea and islands to the north west towards D’Urville & Stephens Islands.

With the fresh bright green pasture and new lambs it really feels like Spring has arrived.

We headed back down our road towards home.

Had to stop to catch another panorama shot looking into our bay first though.

This is looking north eastwards.


When we got back to the house the children were just finishing up their chores.

I am not too sure how diligent they had been.

Shanni is always pretty responsible when I am away but the other two tend to get side tracked very easily!

Mahalia wanted me to take her around to find the horse but I suggested that Azzan could actually walk around with her.

You know – use your legs stuff winky

She was not terribly impressed with her mother but hey!

Shanni disappeared off into the sunshine to catch her daily dose of VitD.

Phoebe soon joined her.

The guys came across towing a pile of mussel floats.


It was mail day.

The mailboat arrived around 2pm-ish.

Then Paul, Kristina & Theo sailed in the bay and picked up their mail as they headed back to Waterfall.

Krstina had been working on D’Urville Island for the past week so Paul had gone over to pick her up.

It surely was a glorious day for them to be out sailing.


The guys came up for lunch and then the decision was made that they could stay another night.

So I got into gear and made dinner.

I had mushrooms and cauliflower that needed using so I went searching for some inspiration.

I found a new recipe in the Moosewood Cookbook for Cauliflower Marranca which actually was easy to make and was very tasty despite not looking terribly wonderful.

The mushrooms make the cauli look sorta grey but the millet makes it all very tasty.

Shanni baked potatoes and pumpkin.

I made some guacamole and Tahini lemon sauce to go with them and the Marranca.

The guys added some cold roast pork to the mix as they don’t enjoy completely vegetarian meals clueless

It was a very delicious dinner.












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