Thursday 30th August





The guys disappeared after breakfast.

Found them up at the truck.

After a hunt there is always the unfolding, discussing, retelling….

It is all part of the process.

Must be done to complete the adventure and prepare for the next one winky

Thomas, Jeff & Sebastian with the 156lb boar.

Tilly was not actually part of the hunt although she might like to pretend she was now the boar is dead.

This huge critter killed Jeff’s 2nd best dog, so some tears were shed.

But the sun was shining, the tears were dried, and they were reliving the adventure now.



I spotted this near the back door – thought it rather picturesque.


Tim & I made the most of having Seb & Phoebe here and spent an hour or so having a good chat about future plans.

Lots of interesting and exciting things unfolding happy



It was a beautiful day and Mahalia & Azzan were making the most of it.

Azzan gave Mahalia a massage.

Then Skip & Tilly joined in with the sunny arvo rest time.

I cooked up a huge frypan of fried rice and veges for lunch.

With Sebastian home the food disappears much more quickly that normal.

I had almost forgotten how much he consumes!!


Tim is enjoying having Seb here to help him.

The children are enjoying having Phoebe around.

She is a source of information re Olly as she has had her own horses until she married Seb and moved north.

Mahalia is trying to get Olly into good condition.

He is a tricky fellow.

When we got him he was so overweight and now he has lost all that and is tending to be a bit too light.

So she is saving carrots and apples and bread – he’s not too fussy – he just likes food.

Phoebe was able to get Azzan to do some decent piano practise while I cooked dinner which was very helpful happy






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