Thursday 23rd August




I was going to head home as soon as I got up but it was such a lovely day I asked Phoebe if she would like to do breakfast.

She did so we went.

We headed out to Crusoe’s Cafe and found a table outside in the courtyard and enjoyed great company and delicious food in the sunshine.

Anat & Rami like to make sure their food is enjoyed and is just perfect for their clients.

They are great hosts – it is a pleasure to eat at their cafe

Phoebe ordered the French Toast.

I privately thought it was a boring option winky –  but this is what she was presented with!
It had bacon, banana, grapes, pineapple, kiwifruit, berry coulis

It was amazing!

Of course I had to have the Rosti as they had created this breakfast because of a challenge from me.

It was really good.

Salad with breakfast – yes! That is one thing I can definitely handle


We finally dragged ourselves away and headed out to Richmond.

I had to go choose some carpet.

It was great to have Phoebe’s input and while we were there she found a fantastic bargain in vinyl flooring for their place too.

We then whizzed up to see Ross and discussed some business while Phoebe enjoyed the sunshine.

She was not feeling at all well so was happy to sit and rest.

From there we went to the mall, got groceries and then headed into the city.

I stopped off at Starbucks and got us both a venti caramel/Irish cream frappuccino.

I didn’t think Phoebe would manage to drink it all and was more than happy to finish it for her winky

But she did! And the caffeine kicked in with her codeine and by the time she had finished it she was feeling much happier.

We had to side track for fuel and then to Briscoes before leaving town.

Then I got a call from the Vodafone guy who John had put onto me.

I went around to see him and talk about what they could offer.

2Degrees had taken 7 weeks to process our business account and had only just come back to me an hour prior saying they would activate our phones the following day.

I was totally over their lack of service so only to happy to talk with Phil.

I took all the info and went back to Phoebe’s to have a think about it all.

Then at 4:30pm I zipped back to the city thinking I would have it all signed up in an hour.

We ended up getting all the cell phones linked, the home phones switched across and several other deals.

It was a good package he put together for me.

Plus he helped me to cancel out the 2Degrees contract.

I never left there until 6:45pm!

But spending 3 hours there to get it all sorted was way better than the 7 weeks of stress I had endured from 2Degrees.

The other major plus is that he speaks English.

Everyone I spoke to at 2Degrees was foreign and I could not understand them on the phone.

So it is a major plus not only being able to easily communicate but he is also in Nelson.

Vodafone won the day for me this time!!

I was so tired and hungry that I went around the corner and picked up some Chinese take aways, went back to Phoebe & Seb’s and ate it.

Then I dragged myself into the Terrano and left just after 8pm.

I was really tired but not sleepy tired so the drive home went fine.

I didn’t have any need to stop and sleep, just got myself home and unloaded the frozen foods and hit the pillow.








Wednesday 22nd August




I had to be up and moving earlyish as I had a 9am session with my counselor.

From there I headed out to meet Ella at Crusoe’s Cafe for brunch.

I had a hot chocolate as I waited.

But just before 11am I got a call from her to say her bike had broken down.

She had just collected it from the bike shop after having some repairs done and it had clapped out just a few kms up the road.

She was unimpressed!

So, while she dealt with that and they came to get her and fix it I went back into town and did a couple of things.

By then she her bike was getting sorted and she walked to meet me in town at the Felafel shop.

I was so incredibly full after devouring a delicious Israeli felafel for lunch.

Haven’t had a chance to catch up in ages so it was great to sit and chat while we were both childfree.

Soon enough though we had to head off in different directions.

I managed to get a few more things done and then met Liz for a 2pm afternoon cuppa at Colombus Coffee.

Hadn’t seen her since end of last year so it was lovely to sit in the sun and talk a while.

My laptop is doing some strange things so I went to see the guys where I bought it – looks like the logic board might be faulty darnit!

I am not too sure what happened to the rest of the day but I ended up getting back to Phoebe’s after 6pm.

I knew there was a slip on the road at home so Tim had said he would come up and meet me to get me over it.

But as the night went on and it got later and later I decided it was more strategic for all parties to just stay put in town.

We were going to have an early night but then Jesika skyped us and Phoebe and I ended up talking with her till 1am.

So an early morning rather than an early night!!









Tuesday 21st August




Tim and I struggled out of bed and got ourselves to our breakfast date at Melrose House Cafe by 9am.

We spent a very enjoyable hour over breakfast there.

Nice to have time for just us to talk things over without interruption.

Unfortunately the day was disappearing into busyness all to quickly so we had to make haste.

Headed down to Tailors Menswear so Tim could get his new suit altered.

The lady there was very helpful and was determined to get it just right so it did take some time.

Finally at 11:15 Tim headed off to Wakefield to deliver a dinghy for Cat that she had sold and pick up some hay for the horse.

I whizzed over to visit with John & Sally.

It was very lovely sitting in the sun with them chewing the fat and tossing ideas around.

We had a 1pm appointment with Nathan & some other folk so I got back into the city in time for that.

However Tim was held up so we had to start without him.

He eventually arrived about half an hour later.

We were in the meeting for nearly 2 hours.

I was pretty wrung out by the end of it so was glad to be heading off to do other things.

I picked up Azzan from Chrissy and Mahalia from Sophie’s.

Go them some baked potatoes to eat on their way home.

We went down to the slipway and found Tim & Noel hard at it on the ‘Tardis’ winky

It is up on the hard getting some maintenance done – painting etc.

Seb, Nathan & Phoebe were down here on Saturday helping Noel & Mandy anti foul the bottom.

It all looks very nice now – shame it will be hidden by the water!

The important parts looking lovely and shiny.

I clambered up the ladder in my high heels to have a look.

Looks very bare without all the gear on board.

And in the shed the new piece of machinery was being gotten ready.


I left Tim to take M&A home.

I had to zip back to John’s to pick up some papers and then out to Richmond to spend some time educating Ross winky

We had a few hours to suss out some of the business stuff.

I finally left at 8pm, grabbed some Chinese takeaways and got back to share it with Phoebe.

We did plan to have an early night but ended up skyping with Jesika until 2am again shocked











Monday 20th August

I was very glad that I had set the alarm clock.

If it hadn’t of blasted me awake at 4:30am I would’ve most definitely slept late.

Cat, Mahalia & Azzan & I were all loaded in and gone before 6am.

Tim was exhausted and couldn’t raise himself from the bed so I left him to sleep some more.

The rain had stopped but the road was very greasy.

I was glad of the 4WD-ing tips Cat gave me as we drove slipped and slid up the hill.

Apart from some rock falls and hitting one particularly large rock which had inconveniently stopped in the middle of the road, the drive out was fairly non-eventful.


We got to Nelson around 8:30am.

Stopped for a Starbucks and then dropped Cat off at the Post Office to post mail before she began her day of appointments.

I zipped the children out to Richmond for music lessons.

When Azzan had finished I zoomed him out to Wakefield and left him with Asher for a coupe of days.

Got back in time to pick up Mahalia and get her back into town for her 11am appointment with the hand physio.

That was a very good session.

She most definitely has some wrist weakness which has occurred since her broken bones.

Trish gave her several strengthening exercises to do to build that strength back up again.

We had time to get Mahalia some lunch before leaving her at Nelson Beauty to have an instructional session with Julie.

I walked over to see Nathan & Cat.

They were lunching together.

Before they said goodbye I took a couple of photos.

With sunnies – The dudes!

Without sunnies – The siblings happy

Nathan headed back to NMIT and Cat & I walked over to meet Mahalia.

Julie had given her a make up tutorial and was just finishing her nails.

As Mahalia is beginning to experiment with make-up my thoughts were to have her taught properly to begin with winky

Also, she is very keen to be a beauty therapist when she is older.



Mahalia & I left Cat to enjoy her last birthday’s treat – a voucher for facial pampering etc.

We went to the library for a while.

I left M there and then came back for Cat.

She had to pick up stuff at pharmacy so I went shopping to find my friend Christine a special b’day present.

Then we picked up Mahalia, and headed over to Monaco to get Cat’s hair cut.

This was the rest of her b’day present.

Only 8 months late in cashing it in but as she won’t be with us for her 30th b’day in 4 months it spread it rather nicely.

Cat told Sandy to just do what she wanted so she gleefully set to.

Amongst a lot of laughter and chatter she cut off a lot of hair and gave Cat a gorgeous style.

It was not unlike what she has had but it was way more stylish than any of the home cuts she has had over the past years.

‘Not too sure if I like this!’ yet.


‘Actually, it is growing on me.’

To – ‘I really like this new look Mum – thanks.’ pleased

I loved the new cut – Cat you are gorgeous and it really shows off your cheek bones and dimples blush

Mahalia had been asking if she could have her hair cut and Sandy had time so next thing she was in the seat and the scissors went into action.

Her gorgeous long locks got a really good cut and freshen up.

She still has long hair but it just reaches her shoulders now.

We then headed back into town.

Cat dropped me off at Noel & Mandy’s then took Mahalia to her harp lesson beofe coming back to join us.

Ross showed up soon after.

Tim was late.

He had left home at midday and got half way up our road and found the road blocked by a large slip.

He & Sirus spent an hour or two towing out all the fallen trees and then shoveling mud so they could eventually get the truck through it sad

When he finally arrived he was very tired.

We had a good meeting, discussing our new business and ways forward etc.

Mahalia walked from music up to Sophie’s and stayed the night there.


Eventually it was time for Ross to leave.

He took Cat with him and dropped her off at Sasha & David’s.

We had some last farewell hugs as we will not be seeing her now for at least 9 months.

She flies from NZ to France on Sunday to begin an adventure of a lifetime on a friends 49′ catamaran which he has just had commissioned in the south of France.

She & Leeann are crewing it from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and then staying there for 10 weeks before sailing it back to NZ via the Panama Canal.


I had to drag Tim away from Noel just after 7pm as we were meeting Nathan at ‘The Tides’ for dinner.

We had a lovely time together.

Met his work mates & bosses, nice for him to be able to enjoy the other side of the hospitality there.

We finally headed back to Phoebe’s around 9:30pm.

Tim hit the pillow and was asleep very quickly.

Jesika & I skyped for several hours.

Lots to talk about at the moment pleased

Sunday 19th August




I was up early to take Hanne up the hil to meet Sandra & Phil.

They were taking her to Nelson to catch a plane back to Paraparaumu.

We had a few minutes to wait at the top.

The dawn was just breaking.

It was glorious up there with the sea fog and the colours.

So hard to stop snapping photos.

One last one just after Sandra & Phil arrived and loaded Hanne on board at 7am.




After dinner Mahalia started making some new friendship bracelets for Cat & Leeann.

They had to sort out the appropriate sized beads.

And decide on the colours to use laughing

Not hard to tell they all came from the same pod eh??


Cat was busy all day getting herself sorted and packing gear to take away with her.

I got the children organised for town.

The day turned to custard weatherwise.

I was quite concerned about the trip to town because Cat had back to back appointments starting at 9:30am and I had lessons etc booked for the children in amongst them.

We had so much rain that the prospect of flooding was quite major.

The rain came in heavier and heavier.

Tim & I skpyed with Jesika until 11pm and then had to pack clothes for town.

Fell into bed listening to the torrential downpour on the roof.





Saturday 18th August





Hanne made buns with Shanni.

She taught her how to use a different type of yeast so Shanni made gluten free buns alongside while Hanne made ‘normal’ ones.

They all turned out deliciously.

Hanne & I went for a walk to The Croft and back.

The daffodils are covering the bank.

It is such a shame Anson & Marah are away and miss seeing them in full glory.

The garden they built before leaving.

It is so incredibly wet – the place is a quagmire.

The herb garden is doing well.

On our way home there were more daffodils on the bank above the orchard.

And grapefruit in the trees

And Daddy & daughter cuddles on the path.

Cat took Hanne up to the top of the hill to see the sunset.

We got on with dinner prep.



Mahalia’s primrose is flowering in the punga stump.

The daphne is so beautiful – just wish the scent was transferable via photographs.

The resident chicken is getting a tad overgrown in the spring growth.


After dinner it was time for the children to say goodbye to Hanne as she was leaving early the next morning.

Shanni wanted to plait Hanne’s hair first.




Friday 17th August




It was so lovely to see the day dawning and bringing with it some sunshine.

We haven’t seen a lot of that lately!

When I had arrived in the kitchen the crew were around the table playing Monopoly Deal.

It was 9am so I cracked the whip and got the game finished so we could begin school.

Mahalia’s maths was all about symmetry today.

It was fun.

One of the things she could do was to paint.

So Azzan got his paints and a heap of papers and I showed them how to make a symmetrical painting.

First fold the paper and then squeeze paints on one side only.

Mahalia clicked on quickly but Azzan was fascinated as he hadn’t done this before.

Then fold the clean side over the painted side.

And smooth it over to squidge the paint around inside.

Then open the paper

And then…..

a symmetrical design – super cool!!

Then I set the children alight to create their own.

Azzan did one of his own.

Then he wanted to cut paper doll chains.

I had shown them how to cut one and make the dolls symmetrical.

It took him several attempts to get it.

When I showed him that you have to not cut through the folds, he was away with excitement!


Mahalia had a wonderful time painting.
Azzan was a bit worried she was going to use up all of his paints!!

She wanted to try one that was totally black – pretty cool eh?

Azzan did two of the small ones and the rest are Halia’s pleased

When I went over to see how Shanni was going with her school work I found Jynx very comfortably tucked in beside her.

She has also made Tinga some thick cardboard climbing frames to entertain him.

So with a cat to one side and a bird on her desk she was working in the midst of a menagerie!


It was too nice a day to stay inside so I released the students quite early.

Crazy thing was they took some convincing to leave the house.

If it had been cold and raining I would not have been able to get them inside whatevah


Cat got Sirus to help lift up the spa pool to have an investigate.

Then she figured that she could unscrew the panel to see inside and that would be easier.

Now why didn’t we think of that whatevah

They think they have found the leak so (a loose pipe connection) let’s hope.

A lovely morning on the deck to stand and chat.


Mahalia went up to see Olly with Skip.

Olly kicked Skip and he went for quite a tumble.

Knocked him for a sixer and stunned him a tad.

Thankfully he has begun bouncing around again.


I made large pot of soup for lunch and Hanne helped me get some veges down for dinner.

Tim cooked a mutton roast in the wood oven.

I tossed the roast potatoes in Morrocan seasoning so they should be very tasty.


The mailboat arrived at 2pm.

Then Tim took everyone out fishing.

Azzan & I stayed back.

It was a lovely peaceful afternoon.

The boat arrived back just before dark with lots of fish and some mussels.

Shanni & I cooked up the fish while Tim took Mahalia to find Olly so she could put his cover on him.

Delicious dinner.

Now we are all tired and ready for bed.