Monday 20th August

I was very glad that I had set the alarm clock.

If it hadn’t of blasted me awake at 4:30am I would’ve most definitely slept late.

Cat, Mahalia & Azzan & I were all loaded in and gone before 6am.

Tim was exhausted and couldn’t raise himself from the bed so I left him to sleep some more.

The rain had stopped but the road was very greasy.

I was glad of the 4WD-ing tips Cat gave me as we drove slipped and slid up the hill.

Apart from some rock falls and hitting one particularly large rock which had inconveniently stopped in the middle of the road, the drive out was fairly non-eventful.


We got to Nelson around 8:30am.

Stopped for a Starbucks and then dropped Cat off at the Post Office to post mail before she began her day of appointments.

I zipped the children out to Richmond for music lessons.

When Azzan had finished I zoomed him out to Wakefield and left him with Asher for a coupe of days.

Got back in time to pick up Mahalia and get her back into town for her 11am appointment with the hand physio.

That was a very good session.

She most definitely has some wrist weakness which has occurred since her broken bones.

Trish gave her several strengthening exercises to do to build that strength back up again.

We had time to get Mahalia some lunch before leaving her at Nelson Beauty to have an instructional session with Julie.

I walked over to see Nathan & Cat.

They were lunching together.

Before they said goodbye I took a couple of photos.

With sunnies – The dudes!

Without sunnies – The siblings happy

Nathan headed back to NMIT and Cat & I walked over to meet Mahalia.

Julie had given her a make up tutorial and was just finishing her nails.

As Mahalia is beginning to experiment with make-up my thoughts were to have her taught properly to begin with winky

Also, she is very keen to be a beauty therapist when she is older.



Mahalia & I left Cat to enjoy her last birthday’s treat – a voucher for facial pampering etc.

We went to the library for a while.

I left M there and then came back for Cat.

She had to pick up stuff at pharmacy so I went shopping to find my friend Christine a special b’day present.

Then we picked up Mahalia, and headed over to Monaco to get Cat’s hair cut.

This was the rest of her b’day present.

Only 8 months late in cashing it in but as she won’t be with us for her 30th b’day in 4 months it spread it rather nicely.

Cat told Sandy to just do what she wanted so she gleefully set to.

Amongst a lot of laughter and chatter she cut off a lot of hair and gave Cat a gorgeous style.

It was not unlike what she has had but it was way more stylish than any of the home cuts she has had over the past years.

‘Not too sure if I like this!’ yet.


‘Actually, it is growing on me.’

To – ‘I really like this new look Mum – thanks.’ pleased

I loved the new cut – Cat you are gorgeous and it really shows off your cheek bones and dimples blush

Mahalia had been asking if she could have her hair cut and Sandy had time so next thing she was in the seat and the scissors went into action.

Her gorgeous long locks got a really good cut and freshen up.

She still has long hair but it just reaches her shoulders now.

We then headed back into town.

Cat dropped me off at Noel & Mandy’s then took Mahalia to her harp lesson beofe coming back to join us.

Ross showed up soon after.

Tim was late.

He had left home at midday and got half way up our road and found the road blocked by a large slip.

He & Sirus spent an hour or two towing out all the fallen trees and then shoveling mud so they could eventually get the truck through it sad

When he finally arrived he was very tired.

We had a good meeting, discussing our new business and ways forward etc.

Mahalia walked from music up to Sophie’s and stayed the night there.


Eventually it was time for Ross to leave.

He took Cat with him and dropped her off at Sasha & David’s.

We had some last farewell hugs as we will not be seeing her now for at least 9 months.

She flies from NZ to France on Sunday to begin an adventure of a lifetime on a friends 49′ catamaran which he has just had commissioned in the south of France.

She & Leeann are crewing it from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and then staying there for 10 weeks before sailing it back to NZ via the Panama Canal.


I had to drag Tim away from Noel just after 7pm as we were meeting Nathan at ‘The Tides’ for dinner.

We had a lovely time together.

Met his work mates & bosses, nice for him to be able to enjoy the other side of the hospitality there.

We finally headed back to Phoebe’s around 9:30pm.

Tim hit the pillow and was asleep very quickly.

Jesika & I skyped for several hours.

Lots to talk about at the moment pleased

Sunday 19th August




I was up early to take Hanne up the hil to meet Sandra & Phil.

They were taking her to Nelson to catch a plane back to Paraparaumu.

We had a few minutes to wait at the top.

The dawn was just breaking.

It was glorious up there with the sea fog and the colours.

So hard to stop snapping photos.

One last one just after Sandra & Phil arrived and loaded Hanne on board at 7am.




After dinner Mahalia started making some new friendship bracelets for Cat & Leeann.

They had to sort out the appropriate sized beads.

And decide on the colours to use laughing

Not hard to tell they all came from the same pod eh??


Cat was busy all day getting herself sorted and packing gear to take away with her.

I got the children organised for town.

The day turned to custard weatherwise.

I was quite concerned about the trip to town because Cat had back to back appointments starting at 9:30am and I had lessons etc booked for the children in amongst them.

We had so much rain that the prospect of flooding was quite major.

The rain came in heavier and heavier.

Tim & I skpyed with Jesika until 11pm and then had to pack clothes for town.

Fell into bed listening to the torrential downpour on the roof.





Saturday 18th August





Hanne made buns with Shanni.

She taught her how to use a different type of yeast so Shanni made gluten free buns alongside while Hanne made ‘normal’ ones.

They all turned out deliciously.

Hanne & I went for a walk to The Croft and back.

The daffodils are covering the bank.

It is such a shame Anson & Marah are away and miss seeing them in full glory.

The garden they built before leaving.

It is so incredibly wet – the place is a quagmire.

The herb garden is doing well.

On our way home there were more daffodils on the bank above the orchard.

And grapefruit in the trees

And Daddy & daughter cuddles on the path.

Cat took Hanne up to the top of the hill to see the sunset.

We got on with dinner prep.



Mahalia’s primrose is flowering in the punga stump.

The daphne is so beautiful – just wish the scent was transferable via photographs.

The resident chicken is getting a tad overgrown in the spring growth.


After dinner it was time for the children to say goodbye to Hanne as she was leaving early the next morning.

Shanni wanted to plait Hanne’s hair first.




Friday 17th August




It was so lovely to see the day dawning and bringing with it some sunshine.

We haven’t seen a lot of that lately!

When I had arrived in the kitchen the crew were around the table playing Monopoly Deal.

It was 9am so I cracked the whip and got the game finished so we could begin school.

Mahalia’s maths was all about symmetry today.

It was fun.

One of the things she could do was to paint.

So Azzan got his paints and a heap of papers and I showed them how to make a symmetrical painting.

First fold the paper and then squeeze paints on one side only.

Mahalia clicked on quickly but Azzan was fascinated as he hadn’t done this before.

Then fold the clean side over the painted side.

And smooth it over to squidge the paint around inside.

Then open the paper

And then…..

a symmetrical design – super cool!!

Then I set the children alight to create their own.

Azzan did one of his own.

Then he wanted to cut paper doll chains.

I had shown them how to cut one and make the dolls symmetrical.

It took him several attempts to get it.

When I showed him that you have to not cut through the folds, he was away with excitement!


Mahalia had a wonderful time painting.
Azzan was a bit worried she was going to use up all of his paints!!

She wanted to try one that was totally black – pretty cool eh?

Azzan did two of the small ones and the rest are Halia’s pleased

When I went over to see how Shanni was going with her school work I found Jynx very comfortably tucked in beside her.

She has also made Tinga some thick cardboard climbing frames to entertain him.

So with a cat to one side and a bird on her desk she was working in the midst of a menagerie!


It was too nice a day to stay inside so I released the students quite early.

Crazy thing was they took some convincing to leave the house.

If it had been cold and raining I would not have been able to get them inside whatevah


Cat got Sirus to help lift up the spa pool to have an investigate.

Then she figured that she could unscrew the panel to see inside and that would be easier.

Now why didn’t we think of that whatevah

They think they have found the leak so (a loose pipe connection) let’s hope.

A lovely morning on the deck to stand and chat.


Mahalia went up to see Olly with Skip.

Olly kicked Skip and he went for quite a tumble.

Knocked him for a sixer and stunned him a tad.

Thankfully he has begun bouncing around again.


I made large pot of soup for lunch and Hanne helped me get some veges down for dinner.

Tim cooked a mutton roast in the wood oven.

I tossed the roast potatoes in Morrocan seasoning so they should be very tasty.


The mailboat arrived at 2pm.

Then Tim took everyone out fishing.

Azzan & I stayed back.

It was a lovely peaceful afternoon.

The boat arrived back just before dark with lots of fish and some mussels.

Shanni & I cooked up the fish while Tim took Mahalia to find Olly so she could put his cover on him.

Delicious dinner.

Now we are all tired and ready for bed.







Thursday 16th August





My night was fairly restless.

The grapefruit and olive oil I had drunk before I went to sleep kept repeating on me.

I don’t recall it happening like that before which is rather strange.

I woke at 3am and thought it was time for Tim to get up.

Of course he went back to sleep again but I didn’t!

I woke him again just before 5am.

He and Shanni got themselves ready and left around 5:30am.

I sat and read by the fire.

I had to drink my next mixture at 6am and then again at 8am.

So I just read and then made a few cards.

Once the children got up I went and had a shower.


Azzan had an hours skyping with his GO class at 9am.

I had to dig him out of bed to come to the lesson so he was really not feeling very awake when it began, but it went well and we got some answers to his questions regarding some of the work he is doing.



Afterwards the children breakfasted and did chores.

As I was doing the Liver flush I was supposed to be resting but I was feeling pretty good so just mosied along and did what needed to be done.



Azzan had to clean his room.

After Mahalia had checked on Olly she came back and helped him

They cleaned and vacuumed it.

When I went down to check I re-swept and re-vaccumed.

There is a vast difference between what Azzan thinks is clean and what Mahalia thinks is clean, and there is even more difference between Mahalia’s version and mine winky

So now Azzan’s room has had a good spring clean and is looking ready to receive a visitor.


When I went to make Azzan’s bed up I found 4 pillows – with about 8 or 9 pillow cases on them!

I think his version of changing the pillow cases is to just add another one on top laughing

So after I had stripped them all off and then recovered the duvet and Mahalia had finished cleaning her own room there was yet another load of washing.

So I think 3 loads were done in all.

Mahalia folded most of it and I did the sheets.


I was in email contact with Cat.

She had gone over the Mana bar at 7am – a bit later than scheduled.

She had been quite sick the previous day so I was a tad concerned about her coming across the Straits.

But thankfully she had managed to get to a Dr and was on antibiotics and pain killers and had had a good nights sleep so was feeling much better.

She had my aunt Hanne, and a Taiwanese guy Sirus, on board as crew.

It was a flat calm day so they had to motor the whole way.

They rounded West Entry at 2:25pm.

By the time they got into the wharf it had taken over 8 hours from the marina to home – understandable with no wind to push them along.

Hanne & Skip sitting at the bow.

Mahalia & Azzan went down to help unload.

As Cat is leaving ‘Vision’ here for the next 9 months while she is overseas she had a lot to unload.

Hanne & the kids brought up as much as they could.

Cat & Sirus took the yacht out to the mooring and then tidied up what they could.

Training for next Olympics??

Sirus is a very enthusiastic young man.

He has been traveling for 2.5 years and told me he loves all food.

He just about went crazy when he saw all the mussels and brought a pot full of blue mussels in from Cat’s mooring rope to cook up for his dinner.

When Azzan took him up to his room he came down with a variety of greenery he had picked to eat as well.

Maybe he thought I wouldn’t be feeding him winky

Hanne was very tired.

She had had several very late nights preparing to come over and then an early morning so she was happy to sit and have a cuppa and chat.

Before dinner she found the couch and was soon fast asleep.

She woke up in time for dinner.

The bay was beautiful again tonight.

Cat and the kids spent some time sorting out music on the computer and then she and Skip headed off to bed.
She was quite tired.

I left Sirus & Hanne in the lounge when I answered the phone and when I finished talking they had gone to bed and Tim & Shanni had arrived home.

The living room here is a bit like Piccadilly Circus at times – so many comings and goings!


Tim’s post op went well.

He said it was a piece of cake getting the nasal splints taken out.

So that was great.

Shanni had a good day too so all was well with the world pleased






Wednesday 15th August




We are beginning to wonder when this rain will ever end.

It seems to have gone on for weeks and weeks now.

Last day of just being us for a wee while.

It has been nice actually.

Kids did school work in the morning.

Shanni is making great progress with her times tables.

It has been an all out attack on them over past weeks.

I have been working through a Maths books with Mahalia.

When I referred to it today as her Maths, she said that’s not Maths with a confuse look on her face.

The book we are working through at the moment is called ‘Nature’s Mathematical Marvels‘.

It is one from a series called Mathtastics that I bought many years ago and haven’t used much.

She is really enjoying them so we will keep moving through them as they contain so much more than just maths and she is learning heaps in a very easy relaxed way.

Azzan is continuing to motor through his Math-U-See book.

It was a good move to restart him at a level he can grasp quickly – it has given him the confidence and momentum to keep him interested and motivated each day.

When I commented that he would be earning a prize soon cuz he is getting through the book really quickly he said that he didn’t think he would be getting one cuz this book was just a quick fill in to get him up to speed for the next level.

Love that he actually grasped that thought!


Azzan and I also spent some time working on his GO work.

They are delving into the concept of ‘Life – Is it Alive?’

All their topics are getting the student to think of what we consider life is.

What constitutes life?

It is very thought provoking and extremely stretching shocked

One fun thing we did was to think of the commonalities between a rock and a cicada.

These are his thoughts –

The Commonality between
Rock        –    Cicada

Both have shape
               a habitat
Both are  breakable
              unable to communicate with humans
Both have different types/kinds/species


I have been planning to do a liver flush for a while and decided I would do it this week.

Was thinking of later in the week but then realised that Cat and co will be arriving Thursday so decided it was today or never.

It has actually been easier than I remembered from last time – which was far too long ago.


Tim spent most of the morning in the study sorting out mussel stuff and making phone calls.

He had stuff to get ready for town too.


The children knew I wasn’t eating after 2pm so they had to sort their own dinners.

Azzan & Mahalia wanted pizza so they got a couple of bases from the freezer and then Azzan proceeded to make them.

Mahalia was out seeing to Olly.

It has been so incredibly wet that both his winter covers are soaking.

She cleaned out the shed to make room for him in there and put his summer cover on while the others dry.

Azzan did a great job with the pizzas.

His looks nice and healthy with a colourful topping of grated carrot over the cheese, pineapple, onion, bacon, sundried tomato & tomato sauce.

The both pronounced them very delicous.

Mahalia made banana smoothies for dessert so they were both easily fed.


Shanni had a craving for quinnoa.

So she made up enough for dinner and lunch for her and Tim in town.

It looks very tasty too.

Full of roast pumpkin, grated cheese, sun dried tomatoes, gherkins, feta & onion etc.

Tim did well, he had a large portion of crayfish morney to clean up, seeing as I wasn’t eating!

He was happy with that and quinnoa.



I had a huge clean up during the day.

Put all the cards I have made lately into plastic bags with their envelopes.

Then they are ready for use or sale and don’t get damaged from handling.

While they were eating I made a couple of cards.


10pm and I was well and truly ready for bed.

I drank my grapefruit and olive oil and snuggled down for the night.

I actually find that part of the flush quite palatable – it is the epsom salts that I have to force down sad




Tuesday 14th August




We had a bit of a sleep in this morning.

We were listening to the news of Valerie Adams rightfully getting her Gold medal from the Olympics.

It was a bitter sweet news item.

She had been robbed of her gold medal and the glory of receiving it at the London Olympics by a drugs cheat who has now been found out and stripped of her medal.

There has been some rather amusing pictures go up on the net today after the debacle.

Valerie though is a very gracious lady – I have been very impressed by her over this past week.

No sooner had we heard the interview with her on the radio than the phone began ringing.

No rest for the wicked so we were up and out of bed and into the day.


Tim took Shanni and Azzan up the hill to do the traps and run the dogs.

Then he was doing fix it jobs today, some welding of a gate and an anchor etc.


Part of Mahalia’s maths today was making block graphs.

She and 2 others (convenient she has 2 siblings eh?) had to make a paper plane and then measure three flights each.

Record the longest flight for each person in a bar graph.

They had a lot of fun.

Shanni made her plane the quickest and flew it without any hassle – her longest flight was 5.5m.

Mahalia’s plane didn’t want to stay on the flight path and kept on landing in the gutter.

Azzan would climb on Shanni’s shoulders and then reach up to get them out happy

We finally measured hers in the gutter!!

Longest flight was 7m – she was very happy.

Then Azzan’s turn.

He wasn’t content to make just a simple folded airplane.

His had to be a super duper model so Shanni helped him construct one from paper, a straw, lots of sellotape and some plasticine on the nose.

By rights it should have flown the best with all the aerodynamic work that had gone into it’s creation winky

But it just nose dived and hit the ground a couple of meters away.

Very sad bummed

Another try – it flew high and – you can see it’s shadow on the wall

it didn’t get too much further.

Thankfully his 3rd flight got to around 5.5m which was quite honorable amongst siblings winky


Mahalia also made a bar graph of the temperature outside here this afternoon.

It went from 28’C at midday down to 4’C at 5pm.

That was outside in the sunshine.


Azzan was working on his GO work during the day too.

Got it finished and loaded tonight which is good.

Normally I am chasing his tail to get it done by Thursday morning.


I sat hard on Mahalia & Azzan today and made them do some serious piano practice.

Both are being rather negative about it right now so I am having to push them along to get them over the hiatus.



Tonight Mahalia wanted to take photos of the bay as it was so beautiful.

This is one of her views – looking out over the ngapita hedge.

And Mo walking along the ramp railing.


I made a crayfish mornay for dinner with roast veges.

I had also made some couscous for lunch so we had that as well.

The kids didn’t want crayfish clueless  so they had beef patties.

It was a very delicious dinner.


Tim and Shanni went out hunting in the late afternoon.

We were just about to sit down and eat dinner when they arrived back.

Shanni was buzzing with excitement pleased

She had shot her first deer.

Tim got one too.

Very happy hunters pleased






Monday 13th August




Tim wanted to sort out some mussel farming stuff so we did that for a while.

Mahalia came in after trying to find Olly.

She was a bit worried cuz he had galloped off and the roads are very slippery at present.

So to stop her fretting Tim took her to look for him.

The little monkey was up at The Croft quite happy.


In the meantime I got the other two started on school work.

Azzan was complaining that his brain wasn’t functioning and he couldn’t think.

But he still managed to do several lessons of maths with hardly any mistakes!

Shanni did some maths and English but we were having some trouble with concentrating on other stuff.


Mahalia came back with Tim.

I suggested coming in for school but she smiled sweetly and took off out the door into the sunshine saying she had to help Dad with some mustering silly


All the children have done some music practise.

Some more than others!

It was good to chat with Nathan on Facebook this arvo.

He has lost his phone so is incommunicado at present.


I made a large quiche this arvo for dinner.

Found lots of veges needing to be used up, so my quihe recipe is a great way to use them.

We ate that with coleslaw and beetroot.

Shanni made eggplant fries.

She commented that it was unusual for us to have quiche for dinner.

I am enjoying having out of the ordinary for us types of food while there is just 5 of us here.


This arvo they all went up the hill with Tim.

Checked Shanni’s traps and ran the dogs etc.


I filed all the current invoices.

New company’s gst is due in 2 weeks so good to have that job done already.

We are getting all the companies end of year dates to coincide to make it easier for accounting purposes.

I am now doing the accounts for 3 companies, one of which covers 3 entities, and 3 trusts.

Such a pain to have gst due every month with them all staggered like they are at present.


When they came back the kids watched ‘Forrest Gump’.

It was so long we watched it while eating dinner.

It is ages since I saw it so had forgotten the bulk of the story.

Good to see it again.

Such a cool movie happy


Nobody has done dishes today so Mahalia, Azzan & Tim are presently washing & drying their way through quite a large pile.

At least it was me cooking so all the kitchen appliances have been washed and put away winky



Sunday 12th August




Shanni decided we needed to have a special breakfast so she proceeded to rip up the kitchen!

She cooked bacon & eggs, made pikelets and home made hash browns.

They were delicious.

She decided she just had to record the even of us having a lazy Sunday morning brunch happy

Mo found a cosy spot to sleep this morning – in the wood box!

We talked to Jesika on Skype for nearly two hours.

She only has a week left in Italy.

Her birthday was yesterday here but today over there so we caught up with everything she had been doing.

It seems to be one long celebration of festivals at the moment!


We all had a very easy day foodwise.

There were so many leftovers in the fridge that it was just a help yourself fry-up sorta day.

After the delicious breakfast though I reversed my normal eating habits and had a fresh fruit salad for lunch.

While I ate my lunch Azzan began giving me a foot massage.

He was being a bit silly so Mahalia took over.

She is super duper great at foot massages.

She’s also super duper good at using my iPhone silly

After my massage she painted my toenails.

During the procedure I dozed off to sleep – so relaxing.

Then when I woke up she painted my fingernails – they had to air dry for a while before I then painted her fingernails.

It was a lovely relaxing hour or so.

Tim went off to bed for a sleep.

It was all a bit much for Mahalia though.

She was practising harp and ended up like this.

I guess that is one benefit over the piano – you can play lying down winky


I decided to spend the afternoon in my art corner.

It was a wet day and not really conducive to going outside.

I made a heap of cards and then cleaned up so Mahalia could make some too for her special friends birthday.

I don’t usually let just anyone loose in my special corner so she was very privileged!!

We all went off to bed around 9pm.

She was still playing there so we left her to turn off the lights.




Cards I have made over past couple of days




I have had fun over the weekend in my corner.

I scanned the cards but for some reason the colours are not showing up as clearly and vibrant as they actually are.

I tried several settings but this is the best I could get.


And! I made some more baby cards.

I always set out to do specific types of card and then get sidetracked