Sunday 23rd September





It was great to wake up this morning with no aching head.

I was feeling so much better.

I headed out to an early spa and hadn’t been in there long when I heard the phone ringing.

Tim got out of bed to answer it.

It was Graham.

He had had an accident the previous afternoon!

I had spoken to him a few hours later and he hadn’t said a word to me about it.


The story unfolded during the day….

He was milling a very large log over the hill, he does most of his milling there.

Peter was up the hill working on his digger.

Graham was chainsawing off some of the branches of this log when something happened and the log rolled and crushed him against the tractor.

Somehow, and I haven’t managed to figure this part out yet, he managed to get himself free.

When Peter arrived home Graham was sitting in the kitchen not looking very good at all.

But he didn’t think he was bad enough to be getting help whatevah

So when I called him at 6:30pm he never said anything about the accident!

This morning however he was in too much pain and finally called us for help.

I got Tim to tell them to call for the helicopter.

Then Tim & Shanni zoomed up and grabbed some clothes etc and took them over.

They arrived at the same time as the helicopter.

This is the very reason why I am an avid supporter of the HeliRescue team.

Out here we have to have fast access to medical help at times and these guys are brilliant.


Anyway, they flew him to Nelson hospital.

I then realised that Graham hadn’t notified anyone he was coming so I tracked down his son.

I also activated prayer chains among friends.


He has now been assessed and admitted.

He is one very blessed guy – luck really doesn’t play any part in this!

He has a tear in his spleen and 9 broken ribs.

He is being kept in bed to allow the spleen to hopefully heal itself and to stop the ribs from puncturing his lungs.

Thank you God we do not have a funeral to attend this week stunned


Apart from this we have had a fairly quiet day.

I spent the morning sorting paperwork and paying bills.

I have to get the gst sorted this week so need to have all the bases cleared so I can start with a clean slate, so to speak.


Azzan spent most of the morning in bed.

He claimed to not feel well.

Funny that when he wants to do something he feels okay but as soon as I suggest piano practice, or cleaning his room, etc he immediately feels sick again clueless


Mahalia & Tim went off to see Olly and do some mustering later this arvo.

I made pizza’s for dinner.

I made several with the leftover nacho meat sauce Shanni had made and topped them with onions, parsley, mushrooms and cheese.

Then the others I loaded up with pasta sauce, roast pumpkin & parsnip, mushrooms, feta, broccoli, onions and cheese.

They were delicious.

I ate far too much!!

Tim is playing a board game with the children.

Time for my bed now.

My first day feeling better and I am so tired tonight.

Don’t want to overdo it quite yet.







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