Tuesday 25th September




Tim & Jacob went out to fix fences over the back this morning.

Graham called me and sounded slightly better.

The physio is working with him already to make sure his lungs keep working and he doesn’t get pneumonia.

The nurse was about to get him up for a shower so that should help to make him feel better.

And I was hoping that the exertion would help him to sleep for a while afterwards as he hasn’t been sleeping well at all.


We had a scheduled power cut today which we all forgot about until it happened.

Tim had left meat cooking in the slow cooker and bread in the breadmaker.

So I had to get the fires going and transfer everything to the woodstove.

Mahalia is not at all well.

I do not know what the matter is.

She is complaining of a sore head and stomach.

I have got her on a huge regime of vitamins and minerals so she should get better real soon!!

She will either improve because of them of because she doesn’t want to take them all winky


I started going through all the stuff in the hallway today.

We sorted all the clothes the kids had chucked out recently.

Now I have them all bagged up and ready to pass on.

Next is the toys etc.

Then it is all the school books!

That is going to be a mission and a half.


The IRD is changing the way we file our GST now and I had to register for 5 entities.

It was a very tedious process.

I got three done and then hit some brick walls.

Despite the fact that I do all the bookwork I could not register Tim’s Trust nor Anson’s company.

I spent ages on the phone talking to one guy, he was very helpful and he also spoke Kiwi which I really appreciated.

But despite me sending messages via the kids for Tim to come in and talk to him he didn’t and so I had to end that conversation and then start the whole process again once he did finally come indoors.

That took heaps of time again as they had to do the whole security/gestapo check thing to make sure he was Tim and of course because he doesn’t do any of the bookwork he had no idea what on earth they were wanting so it was all a real fiasco whatevah

Finally though he managed to give them what they wanted and his was all set up and ready for me to process for him once again – as I have always done!

The other thing that was incredibly annoying was that Anson had gone to all the trouble and expense to leave me with power of attorney so I could deal with any of his business matters.

But guess what?

It only covers him personally – not his company!

So I can’t do any of it for him and it now all has to wait until he comes home.

I totally lost the plot during all of this.

I understand security but redtape to the ultimate max is ridiculous censored


Tim took Azzan, Jacob & Shanni mustering this arvo.

Shanni came home with this wee fellow.

She found him in the creek.

He is very very noisy but she thinks he is gorgeous.

After some sussing out on the net she has ascertained that it is a baby pukeko.

She now has all the gen on what it will eat and is feeding it weetbix and crushed rabbit pellets.






3 thoughts on “Tuesday 25th September

  1. @slmret – mustering actually does not mean hunting. It is when you are ‘mustering’, rounding up, chasing, moving, sheep or cattle from one paddock to another or from one part of the farm to another. When I referred to talking Kiwi I was meaning someone that actually spoke Kiwi and not an import. We have so many here that work on the phones who are from countries such as India or South East Asia or the phones are call centred from India and we just cannot understand them on the phone. It is stressful enough dealing with the problems without having to dissect a ‘foreign’ English speaker The baby bird has made it through the night despite Shanni sleepng through and not feeding it 2 hourly as the book suggests!!

  2. @Rabbits_Nest – Yes, I thought you were probably referring to the off-shore customer servie groups — they are rampant here, and so difficult to deal with!  There are so many English words that you use that are foreign to us that I also was using your “talking kiwi” in that reference as well (arvo, all the gen, for example — I figured them out, but wasn’t sure about mustering — thank you!  Hope the little pukeko lasts — I looked it up, and it’s a beautiful bird!

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